What Should I Do When My Car Is Burning Oil?

Burning Oil Out of the Car

When your car engine starts to accumulate excessive wear and tear it indicates an approaching expensive repair. It can be because of some internal damage of the engine components. When the gasket or oil seal leak oil it will flow outside the engine. Usually it is distributed to other extremely hot parts in the engine. This is where you will observe a smell that of a “burning oil”. At that point, you need to act quickly to repair it otherwise it can lead to potentially risky issues.   

In this post we’ve given all the things that you must be aware of to identify an engine oil leak. So, you will be able to resolve this problem without overspending.

What causes a car to burn oil?

When your engine is not burning oil, you will not see any leaks on the ground. Though it is not easy to find out if a car is burning oil. There can be many severe cases of it that can cost you a pretty dollar to repair.

  • Bad PCV Valve

A good quality PVC valve or crankcase ventilation valve helps the motor to release the pressure in a car. It flows through the positive crankcase ventilation back into the intake manifold. When this valve gets stuck it built excessive pressure in the crankcase. This can push oil upward into the cylinders or blow head gasket sealers.

  • Bad Oil control rings or Piston rings

They follow an upward and downward movement inside the cylinders to lubricate its wall through oil. This allows parts to move without pushing upward into the combustion chamber. Sometimes piston rings or say oil control rings don’t seal. This means they are either worn-out or broken. Due to this when the piston rings get stuck the oil can flow into the combustion chamber. And, this is when the car starts to burn oil.

  • Blown Head Gasket

The head gasket inside the cylinder seal oil galleries in the engine head and block. This helps in proper circulation without any oil leaks or leaking of coolant inside or outside the engine. However, when you have a blown head gasket it can leak oil directly inside the cylinders.

  • Valve Guides Wear

When valve guides leak or get worn-out, it allows oil to get inside the cylinder. This is another cause for engine burning oil. Valve guides help in controlling the mixture of air and fuel getting inside the motor. It also controls the gas release from the vehicle’s exhaust. It stops engine oil leaks from getting into the combustion chamber.

How to know that your engine is burning oil?

Most commonly you can notice a gust of blue smoke coming out of the tailpipe. This bluish exhaust smoke is a sign of burning oil. However, you may not see this symptom on some vehicles that need synthetic oil for the engine. When it comes to those vehicles you must obviously look for a burning oil smell. While sometimes you can notice an engine burning out without any leaks. It is because engine needs oil to operate smoothly. On an average, a car engine burns a quart in every 2,000 miles. This can decrease the oil level in your crankcase. It can create severe problems if your vehicle is burning more fuel.

What happens if you ignore to repair it?

If your car is burning oil, you can use it for a while until you maintain the right oil level in motor. However, you will still need to fix some issues. Your car’s motor will seize to run smoothly due to improper burning of oil in the cylinders. Your faulty engine can throw out huge amount of oil. This can overheat your catalytic converter or damage it permanently. Due to decrease in level of oil in the engine it can blow out or stop working. So, when you have a vehicle that is burning oil, make sure to repair it quickly.

Is it possible to repair an engine burning oil?

It is normally not easy to repair a motor that’s burning oil. The most effective method is to replace the bad PCV valve. If you fail to do this, it can take a pretty penny to repair the motor.

How much does it cost to repair?

If the problem is due to a bad PCV valve, you only need to replace the faulty part. It will cost you just $100. However, if you ignore the problem it will be very costly to fix. For example, you will have to pay a good price to replace a blown head gasket, anywhere between $900-$1800 per cylinder head. Whereas repairing or changing a faulty motor can cost you anywhere between $2500-$5700.

Is it possible to sell your vehicle when it’s burning oil?

Of course, it is challenging to sell a car with severe mechanical problems. Everyone knows that fixing a vehicle with a faulty engine can cost a fortune. Even auto dealerships find it ridiculous to spend on automobiles with this problem. Now, if you try to part out the car and sell it yourself, it will be really tedious and time-consuming.

There is, however, an effective solution to sell your car in any possible condition. And, that is selling it as-is to car removal service. They offer an easy and simple removal service to tow away broken vehicles and offer fast cash in hand. Make sure to submit your car’s necessary details with them in order to get an instant cash offer. Car Wreckers will simply need to know your vehicle’s model, mileage, and most importantly, condition. It is according to this that they offer quick cash quotes. If you like it, they agree to pick up your wheels for Free and pay hard cash in hand.

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