What Is Automotive Detailing?


We are asked: What is the vehicle description? All along we thought we'd answer like the good eggs we are. The term "detailing" was originally an American term that probably appeared here in the early 1990s. We all wash our cars or have our cars washed. Be it because it's illegal to drive around in a car where your license plates are so dirty you can't read your license plates, or because you take care of your car and its paintwork.

However, there are several ways to clean a car. Levels if you will. When does cleaning your car become detailing? Cleaning your car can be called a simple wash, a valet, or a detail. But what's the difference?

Your general car wash is done in the form of a wash and vacuum cleaner that includes shampooing (the entire car including wheels and tires), towel drying to remove water stains or streaks, and sometimes spraying of wax. That's pretty much it unless you go to a fancy car wash and they offer you an air freshener - which (mostly) doesn't smell like cheap lemony household detergents. Learn more about Auto Detailing Service

Auto-valeting is a step up. It's every listing you see in a car wash. There are different costs for washing, drying, and waxing - similar to the above, but with a little more attention to detail - and we mean "a little", door latches are included if you're lucky. The mix may even have glossy agents in it that will cost you a little more, but you get a full vacuum and can wipe all surfaces, including the leather seats. If any of you have ever done this, you know the quality of the products used. They can often be slippery and greasy - not what you want on your leather seats or the steering wheel. If you choose first-class valet parking, you often get a polish for the paintwork and a cleaning of the windows (inside and outside). These options range from up to £ 75.

So where does everything overlap with "detailing"? Well detailing is when it goes deeper than what's on top of the paint. After a snow foam (to remove loose debris) and a thorough wash (using the two-bucket method), debris embedded in the paint such as tar, tree sap, or anything dug deep enough is not removed with a clay bar by your washing stage removed. We recommend that you feel the surface of your clay before bare. If you feel rough to the touch (even if you don't see any problems), you have embedded dirt that should be removed.

Similar to a valet parking service, there are different levels for a vehicle detail. Depending on the level of detail you need, you can even decide to take the composite path to further smooth the paint. This often requires the use of a machine polisher (a fixed rotary polisher is usually used, but with thinner paint, a double effect can be a little gentler). This system helps eliminate imperfections while the paint surface is being polished and leaves a non-turbulent finish. Machine polishers remove fine lines in paintwork, swirling streaks, and even orange peel, so the car looks even better than it did at the factory.

Once all of this is done, a detailer will finish any paint job with a good wax or sealant. This is supposed to protect the work done but also add to the longevity of the finish that took them just so long to achieve.
When it comes to cleaning wheels, detailers go a step further and often take the wheels out of the car so they can go to the rear and clean hard-to-reach areas while cleaning the brakes and internal components like the inner arch.

On the inside, all areas are vacuumed and stains are removed with a carpet shampoo. Other surfaces such as upholstery, moldings, and headliners are also wet cleaned. They often use special brushes, similar to our pig hairbrushes or compressed air, to clean air vents or dials in the car. Windows and seals have also looked after. Seats, whether leather or fabric, are processed with very specific products for the material. When leather, detailers often finish with a leather protector.

Depending on the level of detail, motor shafts can also be edited.

Detailing is all about getting the best possible look for your paintwork and surfaces. Getting a dry cleaner or valet parking is all about making sure all surfaces are clean. Problems with embedded dirt or swirl marks or color fading are not taken into account. The detailing goes much deeper and allows you to get post-spray paints without having to apply a full post-spray paint. In our opinion, it is the attention to detail that defines you as a “detailer” and completely covers every “detail” of a car. A real detail can cost up to £ 500.

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