Understanding Supply Management and Job Description of Demand Planner

Supply chain management is a collaborative way of getting goods from producer to consumer. The most important aim centre on shared efficiency, optimized utilization and transport, long-term stability and quality development.

A supply chain begins with all the materials needed to produce your merchandise. A caterer cannot start the whole process of making the food for an occasion if she or he does not get her fruits and vegetables delivered. Along with your materials, your supply chain comprises the method they have been delivered to you, the way you keep them, the way you produce the final product, and the way you move them around your organization, how orders are logged into your system. The supply chain also comprises systems and the individuals you utilize to handle your production and delivery procedure.

Here, all involved personnel from executives to demand planner play a significant role in every step.

Optimized logistics and transportation

The umbrella theory of supply chain management encompasses logistics and transportation. In an unaffiliated business environment, each firm accounts for transporting goods, shipping and its role in purchasing. In this construction, timing is poor, and a cost is high. With supply chain management, buyers and sellers plan optimized logistics and transportation tasks. Orders are automated between a seller as well as a reseller, and a vendor immediately pulls, send and transmit orders to buyers for clear communication.

Long term stability

By working towards best practices in distribution and forming dynamic trusting supply chain relationships, firms aim for long term stability. Collaborative planning, coordination and preparation tasks distribute the risks of business decisions across multiple companies. A typical result is stabilization in industry business activities as each company looks for enhancement opportunities. Robust demand predictions enable all channel associates to react to purchasing or buying variations. Shared interests in meeting customer need additionally induce each participant to communicate with optimizing distribution systems.

Shared efficiency

Handling logistics, transport, and stock is expensive and complicated for firms that do not have an efficient system. When retailers, wholesalers, and producers collaborate on a supply chain system, it is simpler to ensure efficacy. Most of the time, providers and buyers in a channel share inventory data, which allows for rapid replenishment of stock to satisfy customer demand. Efficacy in receiving goods to the proper place in the correct time meets customer demand and minimizes inventory cost.

The job description of Demand Planner     Job Description of Demand Planner

Demand coordinators or planners are accountable for the planned development and performance of future fulfillment plans and work in the fields of stock management and material planning. Demand planners usually work in manufacturing or retail environment.


Most employers for the job role of demand planner in supply chain management require a bachelor's degree in finance, logistics, operations or supply chain management. Candidates with considerable experience and master's degree are always given preference to fill the vacancy of demand planner.


Requirements include previous expertise in production or inventory planning, along with knowledge of future fulfillment strategies and process development. Since this profession develops a future stock plan, promotion and economic knowledge can also be required to prepare correctly stock volumes that were needed.

Job Responsibilities

Demand coordinators work with functional teams including advertising, sales and operations. Their duties include planning stock requirements for future and identifying variances based upon historical performance and anticipated future actions of goods.

Description of Demand Planner Salary in India

The average salary of Demand Planner in India is somewhere around 653,495 INR.

  • The average basic salary is between 280,209 INR and 1,242,271 INR
  • The bonus varies between 5000 INR and 196,527 INR
  • Profit sharing is 0.00 INR
  • The commission is 00.00 INR

Total salary of Demand Planner varies between 300, 684 INR and 1,307,835 INR

Source: payscale.com

img. source - biz-development.com, freepressjournal.in

What is Supply Chain Management? (source - YouTube)


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