An Ultimate Guide to Enjoy the Melbourne Nightlife

Melbourne is Australia's second largest city, and is known throughout the world as a cosmopolitan multicultural metropolis. For many reasons, it is the perfect place to host a bucks or hens party or weekend. Among the world's top bachelor party and bachelorette party destinations, Melbourne offers a broad range of entertainment choices for both men and women who are about to take their vows or who simply want a night out with the guys or gals. Below are some of the top reasons why Melbourne nightlife activities are guaranteed to please any visitor:

Night Clubs in Melbourne

Nightlife in Melbourne is the top reason men and women plan hens or bucks parties in this part of the world. The city is peppered with lounges and nightclubs, most of which offer a safe and fun party atmosphere for those who want to consume tasty snacks and cocktails, dance until dawn or simply enjoy the sights and sounds of Melbourne nightlife. Clubs and lounges in Melbourne are renowned for great hors d'oeuvres and unique cocktails, and most establishments of this type remain open late as long as there are customers. Some of the most popular Melbourne clubs include the Sporting Globe, Yah Yah's and the Paris Cat Jazz Club.

Yah Yah's hosts Djs and bands Thursday through Sunday. Venues are constantly changing and include soul, jazz, rock, exotica, surf, and decade specific tunes. Two large dance floors and the establishment's trendy, chic bar are the signature characteristics of Yah Yah's. The club caters to a casual, young crowd.

The Sporting Globe is the latest addition to the Moonee Ponds award winning restaurant and bar corporation. The concept is a blend of Aussie pub culture and a New York sports bar atmosphere. Featuring a full menu as opposed to the usual bar snacks and hors d'oeuvres, partygoers can order everything from chicken wings to steaks. The club offers signature cocktails, fine Australian wines and a broad selection of beers on tap, as well.

The Paris Cat Jazz Club is Melbourne's premier jazz lounge and is often named in travel magazines as one of the city's must see venues. Those planning an evening out with the guys or gals in an intimate setting should definitely consider this club for an unforgettable evening.

Southbank District and Live Entertainment

Another reason Melbourne is the perfect place to host a bucks or hens party is the opportunity to spend an evening in the Southbank precinct, where most of the city's 120 art galleries are located, including the infamous National Gallery of Victoria.

Exploring historic lanes and byways after dark are also favourite activities among men and women who are looking for fun and excitement. Many of the city's alleys and streets are lined with intimate theatres, chic bars, small art galleries, modern fashion boutiques and numerous other hidden treasures.

Fans of live music will be happy to discover that new theatrical productions are released each week in Melbourne, and these range from abstract performances done by artists who live in the city to traditional concerts by big-name entertainers. Movies and plays are also popular in this area and are scheduled regularly in establishments such as the Malt House and the newly restored Princess Theatre.

Restaurants and Bistros

Melbourne is also home to hundreds of restaurants, cafés and bistros, making it ideal for a girls or gents night out. Whether visitors prefer exotic or traditional fare or the partygoers simply want to indulge in a few cocktails, the establishments in the area have something to please everyone.

Those who love seafood will not want to miss dinner at Esposito's restaurant, while Mamasita's is ideal for guys and gals who enjoy Mexican fare. Visitors who want to dine in style and linger over the traditional seven course meal should visit the Seamstress Cafe Banquet Buffet or Attica's Restaurant.

No traveller could deny that Melbourne, Australia, offers virtually any activity or attraction a lady or gentleman could desire. From its outstanding scenery to its thriving nightlife, there is no better place for a night of partying with friends. The unique nightlife of this enchanting city ensures that throwing a bucks or hens party in Melbourne will be a smashing success.

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