Trendy Gift Ideas for Women in 2019


Are you planning to visit your nearest mall to buy a special gift for the women in your life? 

You will find multiple boring gifts out there but if you are looking for a unique gift this is the right place to get started. 

Right from tech gadgets to trendy perfume, we have covered everything that she will like and things that can make her life easier. 

These smart gift ideas work great round the year and can be gifted on any occasion. 

Let’s honour the special women in your life with these stylish gifts. 

1. Smart Speaker from Amazon



You can gift a smart speaker to the tech lovers in your life. The smaller Amazon smart speakers look more attractive than originals and come in the budget.

You can ask Alexa to play music, multiple questions, make phone calls and play games.

In all, this smart device can help your lady control all the basic actions. The best part is it’s really easy to use and comes at a reasonable price. 


2. Phone Charging Card


Does your girl always run out of battery?

This is the best chance to gift her a charging card that can easily fit in her wallet. The size of the charging card is somewhere around three debit cards stacked.

The best part is that there are multiple colours to choose from and can charge up to 50% of the battery. 

3. Tote Bags



Some girls carry the entire house in their bag. What better thing to gift them the famous tote bags of the season?

Not only will she love carrying the trendy bag but can stuff everything that she needs in this bag easily.

You can have fun with colours and gift her something that is her wardrobe staple colour. 

4. Set of Makeup Brushes



This is a “must buy” beauty product for the fashion enthusiast.

If your women love getting dressed and applying makeup then you can gift her a set of makeup brushes and she will be going to love trying out the brushes to create the latest trends. 

5. Cosmetic Organizer



Is your girl a makeup hoarder?

Has she made recent beauty purchases?

Does she love adding new trendy beauty products to the makeup collection?

You can buy her a cosmetic organizer that can make her makeup storage neat.

This is a great product for travelling purposes. This cheap gift for women is a lifesaver for girls who finds it hard to stay organized. 

6. 3D Mink Lashes



Let her eyes do the talking when next time she gets ready for any occasion.

3D Mink Lashes is the perfect gift for her to bring game-changer makeup product in her vanity. 

7. Aviator Women Glasses



Which women do not like a good pair of glam sunnies?

These anti-reflective photochromic frames not only look flattering but fulfils their everyday basic needs.

You will see how this pair of glasses will become her go-to choice soon. 

8. Crystal UV Nail Gel


Make her hands look stand out with his crystal UV Nail Gel.

Gifting her this product will save her many visits to the parlour.

This product comes in three different colours and the size that makes it easy to stash it in her tote bag whenever going out. 

9. Bright Leather Women Bags



Who does not prefer having a touch of glamour in their everyday products?

Gift her a fashionable women’s wallet in different colours to make her bag match her attire.

These fashionable compact bags are easy to carry and come in multiple vibrant colours. 

10. Women Geometrical Earring



This season is about the geometrical earrings.

These kinds of earrings are on the trend and an affordable pick as well.

You can gift her these earrings in a variety of colours so she can match it with her outfit and make a true fashion statement. 

11. Warm Velvet Turtleneck Pullover



Your girl will want to live in this warm pullover forever.

This soft, comfy, lightweight pullover is something in which you can spend your complete day.

You also get to choose from a variety of colours. So without giving a second thought, buy this for your lazy friend or girlfriend in her favourite colour. 

Getting the right gift for your loved ones comes with great anxiety. You want to say thanks to your special women in the perfect way possible. 

The above-discussed gift ideas can win you praises for many years to come. They all are a great combination of thoughtfulness and unique.
We hope you will find a great idea from fashion lover friends or young at heart grandmother from our list of gifts for women 2019.

Let’s gift something unique gift for women on birthdays, anniversaries and other occasions and make them feel special. 

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