Traveling to Dubai with Kids? Here is how to keep it fun!

By deciding to travel to Dubai with kids for a vacation, you have done one of the wisest things in your life. The city hasn't only taken care of children's safety, but also their health. It is safe, friendly, and clean for children. Besides, there are lots of things and activities children can see and enjoy. From beaches to theme parks to outdoor playground and indoor entertainment centers, Dubai is perfect in entertaining growing and grown-up children. There is no shortage of entertainment, education, sports, and amusement for kids in this city. Whether you are traveling to Dubai with kids in summer or winter, here is how to keep it fun.

Wild Wadi Waterpark

Take the kids to Wild Wadi Waterpark

To ensure tourists don't say in the cocoon of air-conditioned rooms, the city has used patented technology and developed several artificial theme parks. The Wild Wadi Waterpark is one of the crowded and popular parks that receives a heavy influx of visitors every season. It is a perfect spot to cool off and for family fun and entertainment. The park has intricately designed a whooping 30 water rides and slides. All these slides are thrilling and fun to experience. The winding raft slides, aqua park, and adventure river are notable features of the park.

Everything in water adventure is possible to experience in this state-of-the-art water park. The rides are designed to offer adrenaline rush and extreme fun. For families who just want to be laid-back,  they can float on a tube through a river. When the kids are tired with their adventurous activities and are hungry, restaurants in the parks are ever ready with delicious to soothe their taste buds and re-energize them.


Satisfy kids sporting needs at Al Nasr Leisureland

The concept of sports, entertainment, and leisure all under one roof is nicely implied by Al Nasr Leisureland. Established in 1979 in the heart of the city, this venue has become famous as a one-stop sports and entertainment venue for families. It is open for all nationality, gender, and age group. To meet physical fitness and entertainment needs of children, the venue has several options. From an ice rink to the tennis center, squash court, swimming pool, bowling, and fitness center, kids can try whichever sport they like. Besides facilities for several sports, the venue is also decked up with a fruit garden, go kart, and roller coaster, and a fruit garden.


Entertain and educate kids at the Children's City

The Children's City is a humble initiative of Dubai Municipality to make the city smarter by incorporating fun and education through virtual exhibits. This spot is best for kids to stimulate their minds, and allow them to delve into information in playful and learning methods. This edutainment facility provides interactive learning sessions for children. It is dotted with several galleries for students and families that provide insights on nature, space, human anatomy, computer, and communication.  The management also arranges for entertainment programs and workshops throughout the year to attract families. Among the several facilities at the venue, the flight simulator is one that excites the most to the children as they can try their hands at taking off and landing a virtual aircraft.

Dolphin Bay

Get personal with the dolphins at the Dolphin Bay

Allow your kids to interact with dolphins in a natural environment at the Dolphin Bay located at Atlantis, The Palm. Children will love to swim with dolphins, touch them, and try scuba diving with the lovely creatures. Holding, hugging, and playing with dolphins by standing in shallow water is quite an interesting experience. Children lesser in age and smaller in height can also experience the creature without entering into the water. While your kids are busy experiencing fun with the dolphins, you can relax on a long chair and take photographs for an everlasting memory.

dhow cruise dubai creek

Experience unlimited fun at the Creekside Park

Located on the bank of Dubai Creek, and spread over an astonishing 96 hectares, the Creekside Park is the oldest and second largest park in Dubai. With an abundance of greenery, nature trail, mazes, huge playground, and roller skating area, this park is  best for a family picnic. There is also a barbecue spot inside the park, and a cable car to devour the beauty of the Creek and adjacent skyline. To enjoy the vista from a cable car, you have to be there in the evening during summer. Couples can take a walk on the paved promenade and watch the dhows moving up and down in the water.

Dubai Fountain

Enjoy light, music, and dancing water at the Dubai Fountain

Among the several beautiful things Dubai has in its sleeves for visitors, the Dubai Fountain is one spectacle that will have eyes pop out. Very truly said that when going for Dubai holidays,  visitors should have this technological marvel  in their bucket list. Located at a few distance from the towering Burj Khalifa, Dubai Fountain is a grand sight to behold. The dancing fountain is 900 ft. in length and has the capacity to throw water to a height of 500  When the lights and music are on, the five circles of the fountain in different sizes create  glittering abstract images. What is noteworthy about the fountain is its visibility from a distance of 20 miles and capacity of illuminating the entire area next to it with striking beams of lights.


Explore a winter wonderland at the Dubai Ice Rink

Book a ticket for your kids and introduce them to a magical world where endless fun awaits for them. The Dubai Ice Rink located at the Dubai Mall is the destination where kids can learn to skate and play ice hockey on an Olympic-sized rink. Not only the kids, even grown-up people can have fun at the venue and cool off. The entire facility is built to provide a safe environment for children of all ages. Anyone from 6 to 60 years of age can learn to skate without afflicting injuries.

Dhow Cruise in Dubai

Treat your family with at a dining cruise

If you love seeing happiness on your dear ones' faces, take them to a dinner cruise in Dubai. The cruising experience they will go through will have them raving about it for a long time. They may also demand an encore or keep finding an excuse to go on a dinner cruise in Dubai. The dhow cruise starts from morning to evening. However, to witness the glitters at Dubai Creek, go on a cruise in the evening. As the sun sets, the lightings on the dhows are on and in the buildings next to the Creek that create a magical effect. Besides enjoying the beauty of the Creek and the glimpse of the skyscrapers, your family will love dinning and dancing cruising through the developed portion of the city.

Dubai is loaded with amenities to offer fun, sports, leisure, and entertainment for families. Your kids will enjoy every single day of holidaying in this city and may request you to visit it again the next time. 

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