Traveling After Tubal Reversal

Traveling After Tubal Reversal

There are a great number of things that women want to know about tubal reversal. The most important thing is the care that has to be taken after the surgery. Women are very concerned about their well-being after the procedure because this is the procedure upon which their future is based. More than half of the women having tubal ligation regret their decision, and they want to have their tubes untied. 

Treatment in Your Area

Many women don’t find the facility of having this treatment in their area, so they have to travel to another area for undergoing this surgery. The surgery is quite expensive, and it is not possible for every couple to afford it. Unfortunately, this surgery is not covered by any insurance company, so the couples have to afford it completely from their pocket.  If the couple has to travel to another area, they have to arrange the hotel for their stay. Therefore, the cost of the surgery in this way is increased.  There are many questions that the couples raise in their minds if they are going to have tubal reversal performed in an area other than their hometown.

Questions about Tubal Reversal surgery

The first question is that how long they have to stay after the surgery. If you are in an area from where you can travel to your hometown in an hour, then you can travel on the next day after the surgery. But this can finally be decided after you have your check up with the doctor or nurse. After the check up, the decision of travel can be made.

If you live in an area which is very far from the area from where you will have your tubal ligation reversal, then, in that case, you will have to stay an extra night and perhaps two nights. This is important because you need a bit more time to recover from the surgery as well as from the effects of the anesthesia. Many women don’t want to stay for more than one night so they should talk to their surgeon before traveling.
Many women ask the doctor what special thing they need while traveling as a support. Some women find that taking a pillow will give them some support during traveling.

Issues After Traveling 

 If you are suffering from motion sickness, you must talk to your doctor and ask about any medication to assist you during your travel. Taking pain medicine is also critical before you start your traveling. Talk to your surgeon to prescribe you some good painkillers.

If you are flying to your hometown, and have connecting flights, arrange a wheelchair or a cart for you so that you can move from one gate to the next. 

Doctor Advice 

When you want to have a tubal reversal, you start looking for the experienced doctor to give you the right advice and proper treatment. You will find a large selection of doctors who claim to perform this surgery effectively. Here the most important thing is to know that all surgeons who are capable of performing gynecological surgeries can’t perform this surgery too. The surgeon in order to perform tubal ligation reversal surgery must have the training in this field. He/ she must have the experience of several years in performing this surgery. This is the microsurgery and the surgeon performing tubal reversal must be capable of performing microsurgeries.

Experience is very important because young doctors are not trained in performing the surgery. Tubal ligation reversal is a very delicate process and it must be performed very efficiently with extreme care. Young doctors don’t have the skill that is very necessary for this procedure. 

There is only 35 percent training of tubal reversal in the few fellowship programs remaining in the graduate program of endocrinology and infertility. So if a tubal reversal doctor sees in his friends’ circle, he will find out that one tubal reversal doctor knows only one doctor who did two surgeries of the tubal reversals in three years of training, whereas the other one did none. That’s really surprising and these are the specialist surgeons and you would be expecting them to have this training. 



Another important question that you think is that is it important to make an appointment with your doctor after getting home? It depends on the suggestion of your surgeon. If your surgeon recommends you to visit your doctor after getting home, then you must visit him. If you feel you need a doctor visit, you should consult any doctor in your area.

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