Top Things To Enjoy In Dubrovnik

Panorama of Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is strategically located on a narrow strip of coast on the Adriatic Sea. Known as the white stone capital of Croatia, the city is enveloped by towers and turrets. It is Croatia's former city state. Dubrovnik has always been a thriving city because of ship builders and merchants who helped shape its culture. It is popularly known around the world for its impressive culinary delights. Restaurants serve succulent meat dishes as well as fresh fish and seafood. Its recent peak in popularity owns to the popular show The Game Of Thrones as scenes for King's Landing are shot here. Although there is an endless amount of activities you can enjoy while visiting Dubrovnik, following are surely not to be missed for experienced travelers as well as first timers on Adriatic coast.

1. Ride the cable car to Mount Srđ

The cable car of Mount Srđ first opened in 2010. While riding it you will be able to get a spectacular view of the Adriatic Sea. It is considered to be both a historical attraction and tourist attraction. This is because Mount Srđ played a vital role in shaping Dubrovnik's history. In the past Mount Srđ was the city's frontier against the Napoleonic Fort and the Turks. And for its recent history, it has also played monumental role in 1991. when brave Croatians have successfully kept Serbian JNA forces away from the city.

2. Dine at Nautika

Nautika is considered to be the snazziest restaurant in all of Dubrovnik. It is located outside the Pile Gate which is a historic city fortress. Nautika has two incredible panoramic terraces which are beautifully staffed with white tablecloths for formality purposes. Local as well as international celebrities love visiting the restaurant because of its private location and confidence of restaurant stuff. It has also been recently renovated in 2015. A sea view table located on the Penatur terrace is the perfect way to enjoy and remember your holidays in Dubrovnik. Their best sellers include delicate cream of scampi soup and shellfish.

3. Taste Dubrovnik's finest wines

In 2008, the first real wine bar of Dubrovnik was established by Saša Lušić. He is the mastermind behind D'Vino which is considered to be the best wine bar in the city until today. It is composed of modern, comfortable and intimate surroundings and is located just a few paces away from world famous Stradun street. Guests can choose and enjoy from wide array of more than 100 domestic wine varieties at D'Vino.

4. Visit Villa Dubrovnik

Villa Dubrovnik is the city's most popular five star hotel. It is also considered to be one of Europe's most romantic resort destinations. It is has received worldwide acclaim due to its stunning location and interior design. It is situated on a rocky outcrop which provides the perfect view of Old Town. Villa Dubrovnik also has a beautiful private beach as well as indoor and outdoor pools. All 40 rooms in the resort are set on descending terraces which provides all guests with stunning sea and city views.

5. Experience Buzz Bar

Buzz Bar is a must visit place for any tourist traveling Dubrovnik. Stradun street is filled with endless restaurants and Buzz Bar is the only bar in the area. On your visit, you will be able to see and join local residents in having a grand time no matter of time of the day. Buzz Bar has become famous for its good vibe, witty decorations, colorful chairs and pleasant stuff and uniquely designed interiors.

Dubrovnik is a unique and beautiful city to visit on your Adriatic tour. Its rich history makes it one of the most desired destinations for travelers who are looking to get in touch with remains of old European cultural heritage, architecture and tradition.

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