Top Bathroom Remodeling Trends of 2018

Top Bathroom Remodeling Trends of 2018

So long as there are people and bathrooms, there will always be those that invest large amounts of money to optimize their personal sanctuary. The impulse remains the same, but the execution and theory changes from year to year.

In past decades, big, bold adornments, striking paint jobs, and eye-grabbing decorative accents ruled the day, but many designers and home builders are noticing a reversion back to economical and minimalist bathroom configurations.

Reclaiming Bathroom Space

The recent push for modestly designed bathrooms is made even more notable by the rush on smaller fixtures, including sinks, toilets, floating vanities, and baseless walk-in showers. Some of the most sought-after installations are wall-mounted, which continues an already prominent trend to maximize bathroom space by utilizing the walls. In the past, vertical storage units were the go-to suggestion, but this same principle has been expanded to include the bathroom’s most focal fixtures.

That’s not to say that wall-mounted shelving and cabinetry are no longer in heavy demand. They are, in fact, but an increasing number of designers are recommending open-air shelving to further free your space of bulky, protruding drawers and cabinets. The natural variance of your toiletries, towels, hand cloths, and other personal items will naturally provide decorative pop, as opposed to an overly furnished space sporting the same colors and finishes.

Smart Tech Integrations for Enhanced Convenience

Most bathroom remodeling projects center around improving comfort and convenience, whether it’s replacing an old tub with an easy-to-maintain equivalent or installing muted lighting fixtures to create a soothing, spa-like atmosphere without oppressive, fluorescent overhead lighting. This long-time trend will remain a popular homeowner pursuit, but instead of new constructions or design elements, smart tech integrations will be the driving vehicle. Some of the most prominent examples include shower temperature and toilet lid automation, programmable lighting, and even playlists that start as soon as a person enters their bathroom.

Minimalist Design Schemes

It’s a common rule of thumb to resist over-personalizing your interior décor if you plan on selling your home, but even owners that plan on staying in their residence for the long haul are adopting minimalist, monochromatic design schemes. Not only is monochromatic décor easy to coordinate and maintain, but it’s also quite striking because of how unconventional it is. Homeowners looking for some decorative variance, though, commonly choose neutral palettes that incorporate whites, greys, and warmer earth tones to provide a welcoming, contemporary look.

Repurposed Furniture

For the younger generations, it’s not enough to live comfortably; you have to do so with minimal environmental impact, whether that is gauged through energy consumption or waste output. The former has made energy-efficient design a must-have amenity for virtually any type of home addition or improvement. The latter is, often, addressed in more novel, D.I.Y-centric ways, like the repurposing of furniture.

Repurposing furniture allows homeowners to express their creativity and ingenuity, while also providing a pragmatic solution for those that simply can’t bring themselves to throw away previously unused keepsakes. The only real limitation to this tactic is your imagination, and to prove it, here are just a couple of examples of how homeowners are repurposing their old, unused furniture:

  • Converting old dressers and chests into vanities
  • Reconstructing old doors into rustic shelving that aligns perpendicularly with wall corners
  • Attaching wooden shutters to open shelving units to create more closed storage


Start With a Trend, Then Let Your Creativity Guide You

The danger with trends is that many perceive them as end-all-be-all solutions due to their popularity, but they’re most effective as a creative jumping-off points. Part of the fun of bathroom remodeling is being able to improve your space’s functionality and comfort while adding your subtle decorative touch, so remember to always be mindful of how to put your unique spin on these common bathroom renovations.

It’s also important to remain adaptable since trends ebb and flow so quickly. As you plan your bathroom’s décor for 2018, keep in mind how your alternations can be further augmented to ensure that they stay fresh and current into 2019 and beyond!

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