Top 8 High Paying IT Jobs in The World


Information technology has become an attractive job when both internet and technology have sharply developed in several years, and it also plays an important role in the growth of economy. Moreover, the vast numbers of entrepreneurs believe that internet has had a large contribution to the development of business. This job is not only providing you a chance to work in international companies with good working environment but it also offers you a really high salary. However, there are varieties jobs in this field, and depending on what type of job do you choose to work for to decide the requirement in education and how much salary you will be paid, so let see what these high paying IT jobs to know its salary and the education requirement.

Lead software security engineer

This position is always in 1st or 2nd rank in high paying IT jobs list, and it requirements are extremely high. Your lowest degree is Bachelor in Computer Science or Engineering and must have more than 10 years experiences in this field with strong knowledge of TCP/IP and application protocols, such as DNS, SSH, IPSEC as well as general cryptography techniques. Moreover, you also need some supported certifications, such as SANS/GIAC, SSCP, CCNA …, and there are a lot of requirements will be asked during the interview depending on the company’s request. This job has had high requirements because this position is really important, you are the one who responsible for most of the tasks related to information technology and train the employee to develop security-related aspects of application programs. The salary of this position is also really high more than $230,000 per year.

Chief security officer (CSO)

The main job of this position is responsible for maintaining data security and protects the system from existing and emerging threats. You will be paid approximately $225,000 per year. To work in this position, you must have at least Bachelor degree in computer science or related field, and you must have more than 5 year experiences and relevant certifications.

Global information security direction

If you want to apply for this information technology jobs, you must have Bachelor degree and prepare yourself with the specific knowledge related to your working industry, such as FISMA in finance industry. Your job is to maintain and accomplish the security to protect the information and coordinating with the system’s response to prevent an attack. If you work in this position, your salary will be around $200,000 per year.

Chief information security officer (CISO)

The main work of this position is quite similar to Chief Security Officer, and it is always in top 5 information technology jobs list; however, this job will strongly focus on the protection of organization’s data and intellectual property. You will be paid approximately $190,000 per year, and your minimum degree is Bachelor in Computer Science or Information technology. Working experiences is needed and it must be around 10 years. Moreover, you might be asked for some relevant certifications or IT knowledge if you want to work in this position.

Director of security

This job requires you must have at least Bachelor degree in Computer Science, Public Security and Information System, but some companies will ask for Master of Business Administration degree. Some other certifications will be requested, and you must have more than 5 year experiences if you want to work in this position. Its salary is around $170,000 per year. The main job of this position is to ensure data’s security and minimize the risk of attack.

Cyber security lead

This is one of the important and high paying IT jobs in the field. The role of this position is corporate with security staffs and analysts to evaluate the potential vulnerabilities and report to the superiors, such as Director Security and Global Information Direction Security. Applying for this position, you have to ensure yourself can work under-pressure, and your lowest education must be Bachelor with more than 3 years working in information technology security. Moreover, you also have to provide your supported certifications, such as Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) or Cisco Certifies Network Associate (CCNA). You will be paid around $175,000 per year.

Application Security Manager

The main job of this position is to maintain and ensure all the application will meet the minimum security and privacy standard. The manager will report directly the information to Director of Security. You must have at least Bachelor degree and approximately 3 year experiences to work in this position, and your salary is about $160,000 per year. Similar to other position, you also need to provide your support certifications.

Security consultant

These requirements of this information technology job are not really high. You should have bachelor degree and some supported certifications, and your salary is more than $100,000 per year. Working experiences is also needed, and you must have communication, negotiation and management skills if you want to work as a security consultant. Your main job here is to communicate with the customers in the development of effective cybersecurity across their organization.

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