Top 7 Common Interview Questions even in Today’s Interviews


Before the interview, you and interviewers are the same as they are enemies and you are a warrior, and you will be sent to the war in the next few days without knowing its result. Moreover, interview for a job can be seen as one of the most difficult things that we have to face when we grow up. No matter how intelligent you are what experiences you have had, nobody can confidently say “I believe I can pass the interview and have this job”, and no one can know exactly the interview questions will be used for them. Thus, preparing for an interview is really important just like you prepare for yourself a strong armour before you step into the war; especially with those who go to work at the first time. Here are some common interview questions and answers for you.

Tell us about yourself.

This might be the easiest interview question, and it is also a good chance for you to exaggerate yourself and show your confidence through your speech. In this question, you just need to provide your personal information (name, age, where you live, your career and experiences), but you must remember that do not talk about your personal life if your job does not require. For example, my name is John. I’m 29 years old, and I live in New York. I graduated Master of Business at New York University, and I have worked as a marketing manager for 4 years.

What do you know about our Company?


The purpose of this question is to help the entrepreneurs evaluate that this is the company where you want to work for or you just need a job here. To answer this interview question, you need to research clearly the background of the company, such as the main line of business- service or product as well as find some best reasons why you want to work here if you just graduated. 

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

The strengths. Tell specifically to the entrepreneur your true strengths (soft skills or personal skills) to support your applying position, such as communication, problem-solving, teamwork, analyzing, negotiation …..

The weaknesses. It is hard for us to say the truth about our weaknesses because it might have strong influent on a job or the interviewer’s impression. We can choose the ways to reply this question whether it is a lie or not; however, you cannot tell to them that I cannot find any weaknesses on me; especially, you should not mention the weakness points which really related to your applying position.

Why do you apply for this position?

You can answer this question base on your knowledge, your experiences and your strength. For example, I have worked as a marketing manager for 5 years, and my soft skills are problem-solving, negotiation and communication; moreover, I also have some other marketing certifications, such as Digital Marketing Course Certification and Content Marketing Specialist Certification, so I think this position is really suitable for me.

Why do you leave your current job?

The interviewers want to know why did you leave your previous job, and you must decide some good reasons to tell them, and here are some reasonable causes: my company has moved to another place which is really far from my house, I am seeking for new challenge or my company have changed to invest another business field which I am not good at. Besides that, there are some reasons that you should definitely not tell the interviewers, such as I left my job because my boss and my co-workers are annoyed, my family does not want me to work there or I feel bored with my current job.

How much salary do you want for this position?

People usually research “interview questions and answers” to know exactly what are they going to be asked in the interview, and these question related to salary is one of the hardest interview questions for employees and known as a psychological question. Instead of answering the question, you should turn the question to the interviewers by asking them some questions to help you know more about the company. However, if they still want you to hear the answer, so you should better reply in a polite way and not mention directly to the money. For example, I will try my best to do this job, so I want to receive the appropriate salary. 

What do you think about your previous boss?

Although you have left your past job, you should not say something bad about your last boss whether he was good to you or not. Because it will make the interviewers think you might do the same thing when you are not working for their company, so the best answer to this interview question is saying something good about your previous boss. For example, he is a good manager as well as a great teammate, and I have learnt a lot of things from him.

Find out more typical interview questions and answers in the web and be prepared for the interview.

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