Top 10 Absolute Favorite Housewarming Gift Ideas

The scent of a candle

If a friend or loved one is having a housewarming party in the near future, you might be wondering: what should I bring? There are so many different housewarming gift ideas out there; it can be hard to find something that is actually worth bringing. Thankfully, you’re in luck: the following list of 10 absolute favorite housewarming gift ideas is sure to please any new homeowner.

A set of scented candles

Scented candles can make a room smell lovely—and who doesn’t want that? A set of quality scented candles will be warmly received by any new homeowner, who can enjoy them at their leisure as soon as all the guests are gone. For best results, pick scents you know the homeowner likes or prefers.

A luxury wooden chess set

A luxury wooden chess set is the perfect housewarming gift for people who love chess or people who have never played but are interested in starting. Handmade wooden chess sets make for personalized gifts that look perfect in any home. For added elegance, look for an antique wooden chess set that is sure to spruce up any living space.

Engraved cutting board

An engraved cutting board is a perfect personal touch to add to any home, which is why homeowners will appreciate it at their housewarming party. Engraved cutting boards are a subtle way to add elegance, so they make especially good gifts for people that enjoy the finer things in life but don’t like to be too splashy.

Decorative vase with flowers

You can’t go wrong with a quality vase at a housewarming party! You’ll definitely want to pick up a batch of the homeowner’s favorite flowers before the party so they’ll have something sweet-smelling to start within their brand new vase.

Custom family name sign

If the homeowner has a family, help them christen their new home with a custom-made family name sign that they can hang up in their home. These come in all sorts of styles and sizes, so make your choice based on the personal tastes of the homeowner for the best results.

Monogrammed pillows

Personal touches like monogrammed items are great housewarming gifts because they help add to the homeowner’s interior décor without being too flashy. A set of quality monogrammed pillows is the perfect touch for any friend or family member that is moving into their new home. If they are married, try having the monograms intertwined for a unique effect.

Framed artwork

Framed artwork is the perfect housewarming gift because it can fit right in any home. For best results, choose colors and artwork that you know appeal to the homeowner, rather than buying something random or generic from the store. The gift recipient will definitely appreciate something that you put thought into more so than a generic picture of flowers.

Candlestick centerpieces

Centerpieces are a great housewarming gift, and candlestick centerpieces make for especially fine housewarming presents due to their elegant and luxurious look. Candlestick centerpieces come in a wide variety of sizes and styles, so try to keep the homeowner in mind when you are making your selection. For example, if you know their dining room table is on the smaller side, don’t pick a huge centerpiece that will take up the entire room—opt for a single or double tier centerpiece instead.

Embellished coffee and sugar containers

Everyone needs to store sugar and coffee and similar items, but finding the right containers that look great in the kitchen isn’t always easy. That is where you come in! A gifted set of embellished coffee and sugar containers will be appreciated by any homeowner who is looking for a practical item that has aesthetic value. As with the other gifts, keep the homeowner’s personal taste in mind when making your selections.

Decorative bars of soap

A set of decorative soap is a great housewarming gift that adds practicality with a touch of décor. Look for scented, decorative bars of soap that you know fall in line with the homeowner’s personal interests and style. For example, floral bars of soap is perfect for the homeowner who loves floral scents, while a unique movie-themed bar of soap will be better appreciated by a movie buff.

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