Tips For Selecting Plus Size Cocktail Dresses

Coco Chanel once said – “Fashion is architecture: it is a matter of proportions.” And, this is exactly what we are planning to help you understand in this discussion better.

Undoubtedly cocktail dresses can be mentioned as one of those few wardrobe essentials no women can afford to miss on in her closet. After all, be it a formal party with office colleagues or a romantic date with your love, these women plus size cocktail dresses have always and will always be your first choice to look gorgeous and stunning.

However while there are so many advantages we can list while talking about these dresses, we almost tend to forget that to secure a successful purchase we must follow all the various fundamentals which can help in doing the same as well.

And for that reason only we have listed few facts below, which will help you in understanding how to secure a one of the best plus size cocktail dress for every body type.

Pear Shape – If your lower body is bigger compared to your upper body, then you must look out for dress style followed by Kate Upton, Kim Kardashian, Christina Hendricks and more. All in short try and emphasize more on your upper body compared to lower. Look out for plus size cocktail dresses with a halter neck or low plunging necklines which can lend a hand in drawing attention toward your slender shoulder and to you face.

You can even look out for chic waistline like empire waistline so that you can draw more attention towards your beautifully defined waistline.

Inverted Triangle – Broad shoulders, larger bust with slender hips and legs are common trails of inverted triangle figure and the best you can do is creating an illusion of an hourglass figure. Try and avoid wearing strapless dresses or plus size cocktail dresses with full sleeves, rather you must look for V-necklines or sweetheart neckline for better results.

Dresses with are embellished below or are provided with extensive detailing below the waist are ideal to look out for purchase.

The Hourglass – Having an equally proportionate bust and hips and a clearly defined waistline means you are blessed with an hourglass figure. Thence in case you are blessed with the same you must celebrate as this is exactly what most women try to achieve through their dressing.

However, there are few factors you must take care of while planning to pay for your women's plus size cocktail dresses, for example, try and make sure you are avoiding high necklines and trying on perfectly fitted cocktail dress as these will definitely serve you better. You can always look for shift dresses or bodycon dresses as these are perfect to emphasize on your slender waistline.

Boyish Or Rectangular Shaped – No curves and neither any disproportions to hide, however while many might think that this is a good news, frankly styling a rectangular shape is actually not as easy as it might look to some. The best way to style this body shape is by looking for women’s plus size cocktail dresses which can help in creating an illusion of curves.

Apple Shape – Finally, if you have a little extra weight around your middle then you can count yourself among apple shape bodies. The best you can do is stay away from shapeless or loose dresses and streamline your figure. Look out for women's plus size cocktail dresses in soft draping fabric instead of going for clingy materials.

A-Line dress, wrap dresses, dresses with V-necklines will look flattering on your figure.

In the end, although we have tried to cover as many point and body shapes as possible. But still in case you think that we are missing on something which can help in buying plus size cocktail dresses do right in comments.

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