Three Instances When Car Leasing Deals Are Advantageous


In recent years, car leasing deals have evolved from a slightly frowned upon alternative to car purchase to a widely accepted way for both individuals and companies to upgrade from their existing vehicles to better models which they might otherwise not have been able to afford. Part of this evolution came down to rental companies going to great lengths to separate car leasing from car rental, but no less significant a role was played by the general public’s new-found awareness of how car leasing deals could be advantageous to the average western citizen.

In fact, there are a number of situations and contexts in which car leasing deals are worth looking into and investing in, as opposed to purchases or rentals. The lines below detail three.

Model Upgrade

As noted above, one of the main reasons for individual drivers to seek out car leasing deals is a desire to upgrade to models they would otherwise not have been able to afford. The significant reduction in expenses this type of deal represent as opposed to a purchase – with the leasing company often taking care of things such as insurance and upkeep for the vehicle – means these men and women are able to aim significantly higher, model-wise, than they would otherwise have been. It is, therefore, not at all uncommon for individuals to use car leasing deals as a way to gain access to high-end vehicles, and even companies have been known to take advantage of this option in a bid to modernise or upgrade their fleets. All things considered, it remains the number one purpose for both personal and business clients to seek out car leasing deals.

Cost Reduction

As mention above, seeking out a lease as opposed to opting for a purchase can have significant financial implications for a customer. Leasing a car usually tends to work out far cheaper than purchasing one, so customers who wish to acquire a vehicle but are not sure they can shoulder the necessary expenses tend to turn to car leasing deals as a way to benefit from the best of both worlds.

Part of the reason for the significantly lower expenditures in car leasing deals as opposed to purchases has to do with the fact that, as a general rule, leasing companies tend to take care of some of the expenses normally associated with owning and maintaining a vehicle. Examples of fees a leasing company might take care of in the context of a lease include insurance and maintenance or upkeep work. As such, and despite still being responsible for fees such as extra mileage, individuals who opt for a car lease as opposed to a purchase will still be able to save significant amounts of money on fees.

Company Fleet Cars

Finally, businesses looking to build a fleet of ‘company cars’ to make available to their mid- and upper-level employees often find car leasing deals to be the perfect way of achieving such an objective without incurring in excessive costs or needing to put aside large amounts of resources. Most leasing companies are happy to work with businesses on custom or tailored car leasing deals, and many have even begun to specialise in business car leasing as opposed to the personal kind. Company car leasing has long been one of the lynchpins of the industry, and that tendency does not look likely to change in upcoming years.

These are not, evidently, the only situations in which car leasing deals can come in advantageous; this type of contract is worth exploring in a multitude of other contexts as well. However, it is the tree instances detailed above which drive the most people to look into this type of contract as an alternative form of vehicle ownership.

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