Think Wider: Innovate Your Daily Activities To Save The Environment And Live Healthily

Think Wider: Innovate Your Daily Activities To Save The Environment And Live Healthily

Today, several people talk about going green, using organic food, and rejecting plastics, but very few do so. Practical implementation of these ideas is more crucial than its verbal acquaintance. Here in this article, we are trying to make the ideas of saving the environment and living healthy easy for you. There are few simple ways by which you can protect your environment and make it healthy for your next generation.

Go Green When Drinking Water

Several television ads and banner promotes drinking juices or water from a plastic bottle in hand. People are becoming used to having a [personal plastic bottle in hand for drinking water. Moreover, the use of plastic bottles for infant feeding has also become a routine. According to some experts, buying bottled water is a "ridiculous use of plastic and an incredible waste of money. Which not only contributes to environmental pollution but their lids also harm the marine ecosystem. It's better to buy stainless steel bottle once and use it for your daily water intake. Whereas for hot beverages thermos will serve the purpose better without any need to reheat it again

Recycle More And More

Recycling is always better than wasting. One way of recycling is the use of blackwater for flushing and watering plants. Another latest way to go green is cooking oil recycling. Several reliable agencies are working to help protect the environment, animals, and people by managing used oil collection and recycling. Avoiding cooking oil from causing sewage system problems. In this method, used oil recycling is done by reusing these instead of new vegetable oils, such as rapeseed oil, in the production of biodiesel. This is called a second-generation vegetable oil that does not compete with food production in the world or contribute to the destruction of the rainforest.

Prefer Healthy Clothing

What we wear daily also impacts our environment. According to the World Wildlife Fund, perfluorinated chemicals (PFCs) used on some clothes for keeping them wrinkle-free can have toxic properties and can harm the environment along with compromising human health. Choosing more natural fabrics is a greener approach. Search online for specialty stores in your area that sell clothes made from fabrics produced using the least amount of harsh chemicals, like hemp, organic cotton, wool, or silk. This will not only help you save the environment but will also lessen the rate of your exposure to potentially toxic chemicals.

Do Old School Cleaning

Using special liquid sprays and harsh cleaners for our home hygiene is a normal routine. These chemicals inevitably diffuse in the environment, making air polluted. Among these some chemicals affect human health, causing skin rashes or breathing problems. A good solution to this is using old-school cleaning hacks. Using vinegar and baking soda for cleaning your floors, shelves. Ask your grandmother about these homemade solutions that can help you clean your house without any risk of creating harmful chemicals. For example, use borax to remove grease stains. One part vinegar and one part water can make your windows and glass table shine greater.



Don’t Travel on Car All The Time

If you want to make a difference to the environment and stay healthy at the same time, it is recommended that you park your car at home and walk to the supermart instead. Bear in mind, every time you turn on the SUV, you’re giving out around 1.5 pounds of carbon dioxide, which is deadly for the environment. Bring a change in your life and try to walk if you can. Most of us are so accustomed to traveling in the car all the time that going to the nearest store on foot seems daunting. Instead, you can take the bicycle or rely on brisk walking because both of these methods will keep you fit. For your information, you can easily burn around 100 calories with 10 minutes of brisk walking. So when you have such a good opportunity to lose weight and stay fit, why not leave the car at home.

Choose Organic Food

How much do you munch on fast food and unhealthy eating products in a week? When was the last time you had a home-cooked meal and ignored eating fillet burgers? If you want to act as a responsible citizen, you need to answer these questions and evaluate your eating habits. Bear in mind, when you purchase canned food from the market, it takes weeks and even months for it to get shipped to your country if it is foreign produce. This means it is prepared with many chemicals and preservatives. Instead, if you choose the local produce from farms and rely on home-cooked meals, it will be beneficial for your health. Furthermore, you will also be contributing to the economy of your country, which will uplift the GDP of the country.

Invest in Your Backyard

If you want to make this world a greener place, hard work starts at home. Plant a tree at home as a part of a family project. Create an awareness in the family WhatsApp group and encourage everyone to play their part. Bear in mind, this costs nothing and you will eventually make a difference to everyone at home. More plants in the garden means you will have a better circulation of oxygen in the house, in other words, you will feel much healthier at home with an abundance of plants inside. Not to forget, the emissions from electronic appliances and tech-related accessories at home take a big toll on our mental health. However, when plants are incorporated in the backyard, they will purify the air and allow you to breathe freely.

Don’t Eat Meat All the Time

No wonder, meat production has had a strong impact on the environment. According to recent research, the livestock industries are responsible for paddling 18% of the greenhouse gases, which is a staggering figure. Out of the agricultural sector, the livestock industry is a fraction of around 80%, which is alarming. Researchers have proved that vegetarians are less likely to engage in obesity, which is enough reason for many people to stop eating meat. Although meat is a good source of protein and helps in building up muscles, too much consumption is not healthy.

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