Things You Should Say To Your Toddler Every Morning Before School

Kids going to school

While these things hold the most importance on the first day of school, it is always advisable that you continue to tell your little ones these small things and keep reminding him of your affection and trust in him. However, for the first day of school, all these things hold much more importance as it is a new chapter in the life of your little one and he would inevitably have questions and apprehensions about what awaits him next.

New Experiences Mean New Opportunities

The first day of school is mainly cumbersome for kids because of the change in the familiar setting and familiar faces of parents and siblings. Therefore it is imperative that you take down your kid’s fears related to the first day of school. Talk to them and make them understand that new day of school means new friends, new playground structures to play on and new friends to spend time with.

God Is Going To Be With You

If you have brought up your kids with religious influences, then it would be immensely helpful for them to know that God would be there in the classrooms and playground with them. Being away from the comfort of home and the protection of parents is the most significant factor in the hesitation or fears expressed by children for the first day of school. By making them understand that even if you won’t be there, God would still be. This would allay their fears and make them look forward to school.

Tell Me about Your Day

Another thing to hearten your little one for the day and to make sure that the communication remains open between you and your kid is to tell him that you would be looking forward to the story of his experiences at school by the end of the day. Also, make sure that you follow through with this promise. When you pick your little one up from school, remember to ask him about his day. Encourage him to share everything irrespective of the fact if he liked it or got frightened by it or felt sad because of it. The idea is to make your child comfortable for school which would only be possible with unhindered communication.

Ask For Help and Ask Questions

Most children feel shy on their first day of school and prefer to stay quiet even if they are in a difficulty. They don’t ask for bathrooms or they don’t ask questions if they don’t get anything in their studies or lectures. Also tell them that they are allowed to ask questions even outside school or classrooms. Tell them that it is perfectly fine to inquire about the preschool playground equipment if they don’t know how to play, and it is equally fine to ask questions if they don’t understand anything being taught to them or happening around them.

Listening Is One of the Best Things to Do In School

While you teach them to speak up, also make sure that you tell them how important it is for them to listen. If they won’t properly listen to the instructions of their syllabus or the guidelines on how to play on the playground structures, they might lose out on their studies and also get injured in the playground. Therefore listening is as important as the confidence to speak up and ask questions.

Being Kind Take You a Long Way

Most children look forward to making friends and playing with peers in school. Therefore it is important to teach them the best way to do so. Pampered kids often find it difficult to practice kindness and nicety with new people. They get recluse or moody instead. So tell them that being kind will earn them more friends and make them more likable as well.

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