Things that Most Burglars Think and Do

These days burglary is becoming more common than ever before, and burglars are also getting smarter each day. Below are some things or pointers to note about what burglars could be thinking of before robbing or doing any unscrupulous activity. These are just mere observations and have no statistical studies as a basis but some are based on experience.

Knowing the way how most burglars think will also help you in securing your home. It will keep you on your toes and you will be able to thoroughly plan your next vacation or time away from home. 

1. Most of the convicted burglars know their victims. They are either those who came to do something in your house such as cleaning the carpet, painting walls or shutters or a delivery guy. Some of them may have used your bathroom and they could have unlatched the window so that it will be easier when they return on another day. 

2. The burglars are people who have been in your neighborhood and they usually notice things in your house and around your house such as your garden, they would notice if you have flowers and if they are kept well. It means that there are better things inside the house they might also like.

3. Most would be burglars really check for piled up newspapers and notice this which means there are no people inside the house and the owners must be away on a vacation. Ask a friendly neighbor or your relative to pick up the newspaper for you. Do not make the newspaper delivery stop especially if you have them delivered on a daily basis because burglars will also notice this.

4.  Always tell the company installing your alarm system to hide the controller and make it invisible to everybody. If it is visible especially outside the door then they would know where to enter and how to avoid it. 

5. When you are not in town and it is winter time, it is always a good thing to ask a friend or a neighbor to drop by your house and create foot and car tracks leading to your house.

6. Burglars don’t rest even on a stormy weather so always keep your doors lock no matter how hard it is to get inside the house because most burglars would check also.

7. Most burglars would knock first then if someone answers the door they will just pretend to ask for directions to somewhere.

8. Safes that are bolted down will be harder to open and bring with them than those that are not bolted which burglars just take with them if they can’t open it.

9. A loud television will deter most burglars from coming to your house.A loud television or a loud radio usually indicates that there is someone inside the house who is relaxing and most burglars will just move on to the next house to check.

10. Installing a wireless security system such as the Aetherlink may help as this can sense motion right in the doorstep or where you put them and trigger the alarm or siren and giving off a sound that will scare any intruder. When the owners are away or at work they also get push notifications on their smartphones so they can automatically call the authorities or the next door neighbor for help.

These are just some pointers you can keep in mind to protect your home further. It is better to know these and do something about it than just not prepare at all. New technologies also come in handy right now and can also protect homes further such as wireless home security systems like the Aetherlink. 

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