Tech Your Small Business Needs


Are you struggling to get a handle on your business? Maybe things aren’t as easy as you thought. Maybe it’s getting overwhelming. Or maybe you aren’t taking advantage of the many resources available to you. Read on to find out what pieces of technology we think are essential to your work.


To say you’ll need a computer is so obvious we won’t bother, but you might be a little lost as to what software and applications you should be downloading.

As the old saying goes: there’s an app for that. There are phone system apps like FreshBooks for your accounting and budget management, Hubspot Marketing Hub full of tools for content management, and Asana to track big projects with many spinning plates. Fsifm provides information on Facilities Management Software and takes a look at Google Voice for a reliable online phone system.

Make sure you cover day-to-day planning and big projects and look into some marketing resources, of which there are plenty online. Each of these pieces of software should streamline everyday tasks or even take some off your hands entirely.

Contactless payment machines

Smart cards are quickly becoming the go-to way to pay for anything. Everything from a cup of coffee to your weekly shop, up to £45 anyway. Their high security due to end-to-end encryption is appealing to those who would rather not carry a purse down a dark alley and the convenience is sometimes too good to pass up.

Then it would be a good idea to get a contactless payment machine, and not be left behind. They can come small and portable, as one machine or connected to your phone for convenience, with or without a receipt printer or magnetic stripe reader, and many more options.

Card printers

Even better, you can invest in an ID card printer. Print staff badges that will allow them access to the property or the computer, or membership and loyalty cards to entice customers to come back.

Traditional keys will often go missing, can be copied easily, and are not foolproof. Whereas keyless and smart card entry systems require giving every user a unique credential that will allow access to the building, bypassing the possibility of keys being copied or locks being picked.

Smart cards will identify you by the unique code in your badge, allowing you access only to what you are permitted to. Your information is all stored and backed up to cloud storage, which can be adapted to fit your role in the company. For example, your badge may be programmed to allow access to the warehouse, but not the till. It can also be updated in real-time, so that if you are promoted your card can be updated to allow access to the till.

For customers, smart cards can offer exclusive deals that will have them coming back again and again. They can offer perks by storing data, like how many coffees have been bought and how many they are away from a free one. They can also offer access to exclusive areas like spas or gyms. So, whether it’s for security reasons, or to just allow access to the hotel minibar, there are lots of applications.

Data Security

To ensure your business data, you must have a solid data security system. Your computer or a local network must have antivirus software and a firewall. Moreover, don’t forget to ensure that your network or system is connected to a local security consultant. In addition, you should make sure that your wireless network is secure. Furthermore, you should be very careful about backing your data up and make a strong plan for its retrieval in case of unusual circumstances.

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