Some of The Best Kids - Friendly Home Decor Ideas

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Everything in your life changes once you have kids, and your home is not an exception either. Being a new parent you will realise that hacking and making your way through productive nights and even more restful nights will be a bit of a challenge and task, but not something that is undoable. Before you’ll know it, your home will end up looking like a day-care centre for little kids. In order to find a middle ground with keeping your home décor stylish as well as keeping it child-friendly, we have devise a few tips and home décor ideas to help you through it.

Rethink Your Coffee Table

The moment that your child starts waddling around or even crawling around, you might have to say goodbye to the sharp and heavy objects and décor on your coffee table as it might either break or be lost because your toddler will have kept it in a place you’d never even think to look in.

Keep Statement Pieces Durable as well as Dark

Materials like vinyl, leather and horsehair are quote resilient. Go in for dark hues like navy blue, or bottle green or dark grey for the colour of the upholstery of your sofa, because having a kid around is prone to definite staining and spilling of things. Use dark colours for your kids room furniture as well.

Shades Instead Of Curtains

Invest in Roman shades instead of curtains so that they cannot be pulled or touched by little hands. The rapes can easily be pulled or tugged down with the rod which could cause an unnecessary accident at home.

Don't Over-furnish your Home

You need to leave space for your kids around for them to move around so that they don’t go knocking things around and bumping into them. You can have your family room set up near the kitchen instead of near the dining table so that the parents can absolutely relax when the kids are in the banquette area. This is one of the best advice an interior design solutions provider will give you too.

Accessible storage

The sooner you accept it, the easier it will be: Kids have stuff and it needs a proper storage area. More often than not, parents fail at organized storage because kids find it difficult to put their stuff back. Keep their art supplies and toys at an easy-to-reach height and at an easy-to-put-back-in place in open baskets or storage boxes. The less detailed, the better it is. Sort out the stuff in categories of cars, art supplies, blocks, etc so that it’s more likely to end up back in the right spot.

Hooks instead of Towel bars

In place of towel bars, opt for hooks. Soon you will come to the realisation that it is an absolute game changer as hooks are much easier for smaller and shorter hands to reach out to. They are also easy to install and can be placed at a shorter height from the floor depending on the height of the kid to access what is hung on the hook. You can either use metal or plastic hooks depending on your requirement.

Keep it all low

The most important and easy-to-manage furniture is said to be the key in kids' spaces as long as it is all low.

You can add a low bookcase in the playroom which can also double as a TV console and store DVDs, books and gaming equipment. It is very functional and since it’s low, the kids will not topple anything over trying to climb high.

Versatile Seating

It is a must to have versatile and soft seating in a room that is shared by both adults as well as kids. Upholstered and plush pieces like storage ottomans and poufs are not only lightweight but also easy to move around and climb onto. Versatile seating will also come in handy when friends of your kids arrive which will help free up the sofa space for adults.

Window Seat Toy Storage

The window seat is said to be an excellent storage option and solution. It provides comfortable seating in your breakfast nook or a corner that is unused and can also be very clean and easy to pick up. The toys that are plush can be tossed inside and be hidden when any company arrives.

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