Slip And Fall Accident: What to Do?

slip and fall

At least once in your life, you have experienced slipping or falling, right? Maybe it was your fault, maybe it wasn’t and you just didn’t realize it. It is important that you know your right because it might not even be your fault that you had a slip and fall accident.

Do you notice why some establishments warn you to be careful while walking because the floor is slippery? That’s because if there’s no warning, they would be liable for your accident.

What to do in a slip and fall accident?

You have to know that buildings or any structures where people walk should be safe at all times. Even homes should be safe, not just for you, but for the people you invite over. If you invite somebody in your house and they had a fall accident or they slipped somewhere within the property, they could easily call slip and fall accident lawyers. You might be liable for damages.

Knowing the law goes both ways. You should know whether you should be sued and if you should sue.

But if you are the victim of a slip and fall accident, here are the things you ought to do:

1. Get checked medically

There should be a record of you getting hurt or injured when you fell or slipped. It is very important that you get a medical certificate indicating your injury. This will be used as proof that you got hurt and needed medical treatment.

But you should be checked medically not just for the evidence. It is also important that your health will be checked. You might believe that it was nothing and that you will just get a bruise. But if you are not a doctor, you should not make your own medical assumptions.

2.Document the accident

Have you seen the news lately? Many news reports of accidents or crimes are caught on video through a person’s cellphone. The mobile phone has become more than just a communication device; it is also an important tool in documenting incidents. On that note, you need to document everything. Of course, it’s quite impossible to document that actual accident as it’s not something that you can predict. But you have to immediately document what happened after the accident. If you have proof of the injury or any pain or wound, take a photo or video of it immediately after the incident.

Documentation is not just about photos and videos. You also need to take note of everything—literally. If there were people during the accident, ask for their names and phone numbers. Take note of important details as they may be called as witnesses. They will be crucial to your case if you intend to bring the matter to court.

Witnesses are important as they can make or break a case against who is responsible for a slip and fall accident.

3. Report the incident

Again, documentation is important. Whether you haven’t decided if you plan to sue or not, it is still practical to have an incident report. You don’t have to go directly to the police. You just need to report it to the authority over the property. So if it happened in a friend’s house. Obviously they were there during the incident. If a landlord is involved, report it to them. If the incident happened in a business establishment, report the matter to the manager.

Always request a copy of the written report. This is crucial as it could also be used as evidence when you intend to bring the matter to court.

4. Find a slip and fall accident attorney

There are many slip and fall accident lawyers in your area. Check them out! Why does it have to be that specific? Because they are experts in this field. It means that they have related experiences handling legal situations surrounding a slip and fall accident.

They would be your best guide on what to do next, especially if you are eyeing a legal suit because you are confident that slipping and falling in the property would not have happened if the owner was not remiss.

Anything that would involve the law or any legal matters will always be stressful. Suing somebody is not going to be a walk in the park. It is very helpful when you have legal experts on your side. A slip and fall accident lawyer will be your best bet to have a stress-free day in court.

When to sue?

Your lawyer will tell you if you have a strong case or not. As long as you did all four steps mentioned above, you shouldn’t have a problem with your case. But don’t take too long deciding when to file a suit. There are statutes of limitations to consider and you might forfeit your right to sue.

What is the average settlement for a slip and fall accident?

There is no black-and-white calculation that would give you the average amount that a person may get in a slip and fall accident. According to several data, the average cost of a slip and fall is around $35,000. This is mostly the hospital expense. But if you have a case, it is not just about the accident itself. It is also about the effect of the accident in your life.

More often, if you met an accident like a slip and fall and experienced a serious injury, you don’t only have to be hospitalized, you also miss some days at work. Missing work means you don’t get paid, although some companies offer sickness benefits. You need to factor in your suit the days you didn’t get paid due to absences incurred when injured. That will be on top of your medical expenses. Plus, you also need to pay the lawyer you would hire to legally administer, present, and expound the material evidence in court related to the injury you suffered.

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