Six Things You Should Know About Hiring Movers


When shifting from one place to another, hiring services of moving companies is always the secure, stress-free and the easiest choice. But it is not that simple as it may seem. There are a lot of things you should know about your movers to check their reliability and authenticity. A small investigation about the moving company you are hiring can always help you to avoid any inconvenience. Here are 6 things that you should never miss when hiring a moving company:

Services You Will Need:

When hiring a moving company it is always advised to go through the list of services that you will need to shift your stuff and then pick the right one. Here are some of the services usually offered by almost all the companies:

  1. Local moving with packing.
  2. Local moving without packing.
  3. Long Distance moving.
  4. Only labor.

It is always best to pick the right choice that perfectly fits your need and budget.

Extra Fees:

The extra fee depends on the situation in which the moving is taking place. If you are moving from a single-story house to a double-story, extra fee will be charged. Similarly, if the place where you are shifting or from where you are shifting has stairs, elevators or has narrow streets fee will be imposed. Therefore, it is always advised to have a detailed conversation with your mover to explain all the situation in which the moving will be taking place and clear all the confusion. So, that you will always know what kind of fees they are charging you for every step.  

Equipment Needed:

A good moving company should always provide you with the equipment needed for shifting. Not all of the shifting is done by lifting the packages in hand and moving from one place to another. The equipment also includes lifters, safety gear, mint-conditioned trucks of appropriate size, moving inventory, proper packaging material and crane if needed.   

Referenced Movers:

It is always the best option to hire licensed and referenced movers. If your family or friends don’t have any references for movers, you can get a list of reliable movers from the State Association of Movers. You should always check the online reputation and reviews of the mover you are hiring and ask the owner to give you the detail of at least three customers that have recently moved with them and then ask those customers directly about their moving experience with the company. A good moving company never hesitates to provide you with a list.

Courteous And Punctual Workers:

You can know a lot about the attitude and behavior of the company by the appearance and working sense of the workers sent. If the workers come in clean clothes, arrive on time and have a courteous way of speaking then there is no doubt about the company. But if they are not punctual and working lazily and if you feel uncomfortable with them you can always stop them from working and talk directly to the owner for further assistance and guidance.

Insurance Policy:

You should always hire a company that provides insurance of transit. Which means that if any of your stuff gets damaged or lost while shifting, the company is responsible for it and will provide you with suitable and proper coverage for it.  There are two types of insurance that they can provide:

  • They can restore or repair the product to the certain condition in which it was given to them.
  • They can replace the article with a new one of the same kind of payment plan.


To avoid any inconvenience it is always better to know these basic things about a moving company. A reliable company will always fulfill all these requirements.

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