Single-Phase Vs. Three-Phase Vs. Hybrid Sungrow String Inverters: What's Different?

Hybrid Sungrow String Inverter

As more businesses and industries embark on the sustainable journey towards solar adoption, the quest for understanding the nuances of different string inverter types intensifies. It is no surprise that a myriad of questions and queries surrounds the diverse array of string inverters available in the market. From the inquisitive minds of real estate dealers exploring the potential of residential solar setups to businesses seeking robust solutions for commercial installations, the thirst for knowledge on single-phase, three-phase, and hybrid string inverters is palpable. This article is going to introduce the differences between them in the case of Sungrow string inverters. Read on and check them out!

Types of Sungrow String Inverters and Their Characteristics

1. Single-Phase String Inverters

A necessary component of residential solar systems is these inverters. They are affordable options for homeowners wishing to use solar energy because of their simple design.


  • Cost-effective: They provide a reasonably priced way to start using solar power.
  • Suitable for Small-Scale Installations: ideally matched to the typical household's energy requirements.


  • Limited Capacity: Larger homes or appliances that consume less energy might not fit them best.
  • Less Effective in Big Systems: In more demanding configurations, their performance might suffer.

2. Three-Phase Sungrow String Inverters

These are the mainstays of industrial or commercial solar systems. They are preferred for more significant projects because they can easily handle increased power demands.


  • Greater Capacity: Able to manage substantial energy loads.
  • More Effective for Big Installations: Designed to provide steady power in large-scale systems.


  • Increased Cost: The cost of the enhanced capabilities is higher.
  • More Complex Installation: Calls for expert setup and installation.

3. Hybrid String Inverters

A cutting-edge combination of battery storage and conventional string inverter technology. For systems where energy autonomy is a top concern, these are perfect.


  • Energy Storage Capability: Enables energy use during blackouts or peak periods.
  • Flexibility in Energy Management: Capable of accommodating diverse energy requirements and situations.


  • More significant Upfront Expense: The more sophisticated features come at a higher initial expense.


Applications of Different Sungrow String Inverters

  • Single-Phase Inverters: Known for their simplicity and cost-effectiveness, single-phase inverters are ideal for residential rooftops or small businesses with lower power demands. They ensure that even smaller businesses can benefit from renewable energy by using solar power.
  • Three-Phase Sungrow String Inverters: Suited for handling higher power capacities, three-phase inverters are optimal for industrial facilities, factories, and commercial buildings with substantial electricity demands. These inverters guarantee that energy demands are satisfied effectively and consistently.
  • Hybrid inverters: Hybrid inverters offer a flexible solution, making them suitable for a wide range of scenarios. They can work efficiently in both residential and commercial setups, providing adaptability to changing energy needs.


Highlighting Sungrow's SG125HV String Inverter

A testament to Sungrow's dedication to excellence and innovation in inverter technology is the SG125HV string inverter. This model stands out particularly for striking a fantastic balance between high efficiency, dependability, and versatility, making it an excellent option for various solar installations.

Key Features of the SG125HV

  • Low Initial Investment: This DC 1500V/AC 600V inverter has a 1 to 5MW power block design for lower AC transformer and labor cost.
  • High Efficiency: The SG125HV is equipped with patented five-level technology and anti-PID function, contributing to the efficiency of up to 98.9%, cutting waste and raising the solar system's total yield.
  • Dependable and Robust Performance: Engineered to endure various environmental circumstances, guaranteeing longevity and steady operation. Its ability to operate at full power without derating at elevated temperatures, specifically up to 50 °C, speaks to its robust performance in diverse environmental conditions. The low/high voltage ride-through capabilities contribute to grid stability, and the active and reactive power control, along with power ramp rate control, enhance its adaptability to grid requirements.
  • Easy Operation and maintenance: The SG125HV features a virtual central solution, simplifying the O&M process. Its compact design and lightweight construction further facilitate easy installation, streamlining the setup phase for solar projects of varying scales.
  • Safety: It adheres to both IEC and UL safety, EMC, and grid support regulations, ensuring compliance with industry standards.
  • This inverter, which embodies Sungrow's experience as a top supplier of solar inverters, is more than just a part; it is the foundation of effective solar energy systems.


In conclusion, the exploration of single-phase, three-phase, and hybrid Sungrow string inverters reveals a nuanced landscape of options tailored to diverse solar energy applications. Each variant brings distinct advantages and considerations to the table. Whether aiming for a straightforward residential setup, a robust industrial installation, or a versatile hybrid solution, Sungrow string inverters offer a spectrum of choices. Contact them and get practical solutions right away!

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