Singapore, The Perfect Holiday


Singapore is an exciting place and the best feature about the country is that it is constantly reinventing itself and offers newer activities to do/places to go every time you visit it.  It is a beautiful city and it is just lovely to walk around the Singapore River.   Generally, when people think of Singapore they think of Bird Park, Night Safari, Zoo, Sentosa, Orchard Road, Chinatown, Clark Quay, and recently Singapore Flyer, casinos and Universal Studio were added to the list.  But there is more to Singapore than just these places. 

ifly and Mega Adventure Park at Sentosa:  At ifly it is possible to have a skydiving experience such as free-falling or dealing with air resistance which makes your skin defy gravity, in a wind tunnel.  The Mega Adventure Park offers a host of activities like Megazip, 15m high rope adventure trail, jumping from a 15m high point and many others.  However, Megazip is an absolute favorite and gives such an adrenaline rush as you zip across 450 m rope tied 75 m high.  

Palau Ubin: It is a small island off the mainland Singapore and is known for its rustic charm.  Weather permitting, trekking or cycling around the island can be both challenging and exhilarating.  The island is abundant with flora and fauna but is largely known for its wetlands which supports vast marine life. 

Dempsey hill:  It is near Orchard Road but it is so peaceful that it seems away from the hustle and bustle of the city.  It houses many galleries selling art, paintings, carpets and even furniture.  Also, the many gourmet fine dining restaurants available makes it unavoidable. 

ArtScience Museum: The building that houses the ArtScience Museum has been designed in that shape of a lotus flower or an open palm and attracts instant attention.  It brings art and science together in the most aesthetic manner.  There is a section which the children will absolutely enjoy as they see their 2D drawings of marine life and means of transportation in 3D shape on a screen and also get 3D printouts of the same. 

Reservoirs:  There are about 18 dams and reservoirs in Singapore and almost have a picnic spot or sports activity.  But the most famous one in MacRitchie reservoir. It is a popular spot for hiking trails and kayaking. 

Tree top walk:  It is free-standing suspension bridge for pedestrians as a canopy of trees.  The round trip is approximately 7 to 10 k.m. and is absolutely scenic especially in the evening.  It is possible to spot 80 types of birds and rare variety of trees. 

Garden by the Bay: It spans 101 hectares and has three separate waterfront gardens which have a large range of flora. The attractions include flower domes, climb up a mountain while exploring flora and fountains, skyway which gives a panoramic view of the Marina Bay, children’s garden, lakes, sculptures. 

Marina Barrage:  It is a dam built in the Marina Bay area to segregate the salt water of the ocean from the river water and it also used at the time of flooding.  It has become a tourist attraction as it has loads of open space for kite flying and picnic.  But the ‘must see’ at the Barrage is the Sustainable Singapore Gallery which is sort of an interactive museum on the conservation of water and challenges of climatic changes. 

East Coast Park:   It was conceptualized on the theme ‘Recreation for All’.  It offers a playground for children, sand play, routes for cycling/skateboarding, adventure sports, BBQ pits, overnight campsites and a variety of dining options. 

Chinese & Japanese Garden: Chinese Garden has been modeled on Chinese architecture and landscaping with stone bridges, tea boat, pagodas.  It also has a live turtle and tortoise museum.  It is next to Japanese Garden has been modeled on traditional Japanese architecture. 

Singapore is one of the smallest countries in the World and still it is possible that, after a weeklong holiday, there may be many activities that could not be struck off the list.  It is also considered to be a shopping destination for clothes, bags, household items, curios and electronic goods.  To add there are diverse cuisines available to sample from.  Traveling within the city is easy as it is interconnected through metro, buses and taxis.  In short, it is a perfect holiday destination.

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