Shereen Woon

Shereen Woon is the author of this post. Shereen is an executive at HIMSS, Sydney. He has years of experience in the Australian healthcare sector. Being a part of HIMSS he is aware of the challenges faced by the Australian healthcare sector due to technological disruption. The focus of HIMSS is to help the healthcare industry adopt emerging technologies and benefit from them. The HIMSS Australia Digital Health Summit 2019 is being organised in this regard. The purpose of the Summit is to highlight how the healthcare industry in Australia stands to benefit from Interoperability and connected care. Interoperability is especially relevant in the Australian context when MHR (My Health Record) is the key pillar of the Australian healthcare sector. The speakers at the Summit are experts in their respective fields and will talk about effective data mining and leveraging data to offer better experiences to the patients. The Summit will also address issues associated with interoperability and how to overcome them.

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Technology has transformed our lives in more ways than one in recent times. It has changed the way we book tickets, order food, do shopping, etc. The healthcare sector is not bereft of its share of impacts due to technological disruptions.