Resume Objective: 5 Ways to Build Strong Impression with the Company

A good resume objective is not only helping you builds a good image with your employer but also steadily increase the chance for you to work at your wished company. Moreover, this part has played an important part in the recruitment. In fact, this is a way for you to show to the business what you can do, which job do you want, why do you apply for this position at their company and what is your future objective. However, writing a good resume objective is not really easy, and it has led to the amounts of employee has failed before they are requested coming to interview. Then, what we should and should not write to help us have a good CV?

Acknowledgment the role of curriculum vitae (CV)

You should identify exactly the purpose of writing a resume objective paper before sending it to the business because you cannot just write down anything you want to tell the employers. The aim of a CV is helping the employers know about you, such as your personal details (including strengths and weaknesses), careers and experiences, so you have to think clearly and write down the strong reasons that you believe it will make the company is going to hire you than other candidates. For example:
-    You cannot write, my objective is working at your company for few years to gain some experiences and then I am going to open my own business. 
-    You are applying for financial company, but you mentions my strengths are communication and negotiation which should be related to marketing field.
-    You can tell them, I know exactly the required of this position, and with my strengths, I believe I can have some achievements when I work at your company.
-    I know your company is looking for a marketing consultant, and I have worked in that field for 3 years, and my strengths are communication and persuasion, so I believe this position is really suitable for me.

Focus on business’s benefits 

A hiring manager and the business are not interested to hear the benefits you will get when you work for them but they also need to know what benefits you can bring to their business because they are the one who hire and pay salary for you. Thus, you should tell the employer what you can do to achieve your current or future object while you are working at their company. Let’s look at the  resume objective examples: 
-    My objective is having the position of a church secretary.
-    I just graduated University, and I am seeking an opportunity to work at your company where I believe I can learn and improve my knowledge.
-    Having a success in a Marketing Manager position where my knowledge, experiences and skills will contribute to the growth of the business 

Impression the employers with your traits

Write down all your soft skills or personal skills (presentation, conflict resolution and negotiation, leadership ….) to impress the employer and affirm that you are the suitable one for this job. For instance, I have seen your company recruitment information which is hiring a manager work in customer relationship department. With my soft skills – communication and problem, I believe I can help your company build a good image to the customers.

Keep your sentences in concise and straightforward way. 

There are a hundred or thousands of curriculum vitae sent to the managers, so if you want to build a strong impression to them, you should better write it in clear structure and easy to understand. For example:
-    Do not use different types of fonts and add some pictures to make your CV more attractive. You should only use font “Times New Roman” for your resume objective and do not add any pictures to make it looks more professional and show your respect to the readers.
-    Must including a major course in your education, such as Bachelor of Business – Marketing, Management or Finance.
-    Write clearly your work experiences (the three nearest work places) and what you have achieved in short sentences.

What should I do if I have never written any resume objective?

If you go to work for the first time or this is a first time you write a resume object, you can research some resume objective samples on the website to know its structure. Here are some best job targets and resume objectives samples.
-    I am seeking for a Marketing Manager or Director of Operation.
-    I am seeking a position in Accounting Department to help me improving my skills
-    I want to work in travel industry, and I am looking for a position which focus on sale and customer relations
-    I am looking for a position in real estate business with focus on real estate and its law.
-    I just graduated Master of Management, and I am looking for a Manager position. 
-    My traits are emotional control, communication and student motivation, so I am looking for a teacher position at your University.

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While there are many career and job sites to apply for work, the opportunities are sometimes limited for those who use a plain resume and cover letter.  Getting a position in these times is about applying a little creativity at the first contact.