Reason to Recruit an Intern

Hire interns

Who is an intern?

The Intern is a university student or trainee who works sometimes without pay in order to gain some work experience or satisfy the requirement for a qualification. In other words, Internship is an opportunity offered by an employer to any potential employee called interns, usually, the interns are undergraduate or students.

What do they do?

They work in a temporary position for an employer within the industry that is relevant to their subject of study or they are interested in. Unlike conventional employment, internships and the intern have more emphasis on training, rather than employing it.

The necessity of an internship?

An intern gets the required experience and knowledge in their particular field of job and in their subject of interest. They also get the possibility of becoming a valuable candidate for the forthcoming opportunities for paid work, during the internship.

Different types of the internship?

You can find both short term and long term internship programs in companies or organizations.

Short term internship:

In the short-term internships, the employer gets a cheap labor or a free labor, usually to perform their low-level office based tasks, such as photocopying, filing or report drafting.

Long term internship:

In Long term internship, the employer gets a chance to advertise their graduate jobs to their intern. In most of the cases, the 20% of the employer’s ex-interns later end up being their prosperous employee or trainees. After leaving university, it is seen that highly likely those graduates will return to the organization that hired them as an intern for a full-time employment. The advantages of hiring an ex-intern are that they require little or no training.

Advantages of hiring an intern

An Internship can be done in a wide range of sectors like sales, marketing, engineering, graphic design, management, IT, commerce and much more. The internship helps to develop a variety of soft skills like communication skills, personal effectiveness, presentation skills, problem-solving skills, influencing skills, etc. The internship is like earning an on-the-job training it is equally valuable in learning in your studies. It gives you a hands-on experience on the matter that you have learned and helps you to understand what the job is. It gives you an opportunity to interact with the people in the position that you are willing to aspire in your future. Which in turn gives you the knowledge and provides you a space to know what it is all about and the efficient ways to reach that position.  Sometimes your career aspiration changes when you face the true realities of the role. So internship can be considered as the try before you buy option.

An Internship gives you a real insight into the nature of work and it is important within the organization. It gives the intern to build on the theories that they have learned in the university and helps you to gain practical skills that will help you to strengthen your CV and makes you more employable. Hiring interns, the company can both meet their human resource needs and reduce their staffing costs. The company doesn’t have to put a formal program to hire an intern. The only thing that a company needs to do is to lay out their expectations to the intern once they join like. What you expect them to accomplish during their internship period? What are their roles and responsibilities? Their reporting structure and whom they need to approach for their assistance. This gives them a wider understanding of their roles and responsibility.

Most interns are paid and engineer interns are the most. But when you compare their wage expenses, it will be much lesser than the full-time staff. Moreover, the employer doesn’t have to provide any variable pay or medical benefits for an intern.

Hire interns to get the minor to some major jobs done with less pay and with more comfort.

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