Questions to ask your Drug Lawyer before Hiring them

Drug Lawyer

Drugs are a growing concern worldwide. Whether you have been wrongfully held for possessing drugs or you are traveling to a country carrying prescription medications that are deemed illegal in that country/state, having drugs in your person and possession is a serious offense with strict sentences. The best way to address the issue is to hire a good drug lawyer.

Who is a Drug Lawyer?

Drug lawyers are people who have specialized in dealing with cases pertaining to narcotics. They can deal with all types of drug cases. Whether they are representing the perpetrator or the state, a drug lawyer needs to be well-versed with the laws pertaining to drugs uses and abuse. They keep updating themselves about the changing laws and codes related to narcotics and other aspects of laws pertaining to drugs. They always need to read updated drug laws to give their clients the best service in the courtroom.

The major benefit of having a lawyer for your case rather than a criminal lawyer or attorney is that a drug lawyer has extensive knowledge about the field, and knows the pros and cons of your case better. They also provide insights faster because they only deal with drugs/narcotics rules.  But, they will have your back and see that you get justice. When someone is charged with a crime, having someone who trusts you is an enormous boost to your morality.

Things to ask your Drug Lawyer:

When you are looking to hire a drug lawyer, you need to understand a few things before you go through the yellow pages and dial the number of the top-rated lawyer. In fact, there are a few questions that you need to prepare and ask the potential lawyer to gauge if they are well-equipped to handle your case or not. These questions are:

  • How long has the person been a lawyer, dealing with cases of drugs? While there is no specialized course a lawyer undertakes in order to become a specialist in a particular field, experience dealing with cases related to narcotics goes a long way. If you are dealing with international narcotics law then you need someone who is well-versed with not only your country’s laws but also international laws on drugs of varied locations.
  • Enquire about their fees. Whether you are guilty or not, your drug lawyer will not come cheap. Your lawyer will be responsible to make sure you regain your dignity and position in society, the lawyer will charge a price accordingly. Experience also plays a role in determining the payment of the lawyer.
  • Ask how they plan to approach the case. There are lawyers who will advise you to plead guilty even if you are innocent. They do not plan to invest time and energy unless you pay a hefty amount. Avoid such lawyers, for they will never treat you as a friend and you will definitely lose the case and be sentenced with strict punishment.
  • Lastly, ask yourself if you feel comfortable sharing all the details with the chosen drug lawyer. This is vital for in order to help you win your lawyer will need all the minute details and some may even incriminate you. Wading through those loopholes will be possible only when they know the complete truth.


Hiring a drug lawyer is beneficial whether or not you are guilty of the crime. Whether you are going to plead innocent and prove it or plead guilty and have your sentence reduced, the best person to advise you is your lawyer. Being truthful to your lawyer will save you and help them prepare a stronger case for you for that is what they are trained at. 

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