Problems That Winter Can Cause to Your Home and How to Solve Them

Winter Home Problems

The technology of building modern houses has gone far ahead compared to what was built in the 19th and 20th centuries. A good house is warm and solid, and somehow we don't think about what's behind the glass.

But it is worth considering that in the wintertime, any property is exposed to aggressive effects of temperature and environment. If measures are not taken in time, then the house will cease to be a safe haven from the cold. 

Timely snow removal

Heavy snowfalls damage the home. The accumulation of snow on the roof can cause structural deterioration and later wet wood structures. In addition, snow can clog ventilation ducts, water outlets, turn into icicles, in general, cause serious falls and injuries for the inhabitants of a house.

Heavy snow can overload the roof structure, causing cracks in the rafters, often leading to roof collapse. While most new, modern homes can handle this kind of stress with ease, older buildings remain at risk. But even if you have a new home, it's a good idea to remove snow from your roof as it builds up.

Arrange for regular housekeeping during the winter. To do this, you can hire a janitor to clean the roof or do it yourself. Using a ladder, it is allowed to shovel snow with a scraper on a sufficiently long rail. This is a great option and is also suitable for homeowners with dilapidated or damaged roof rafters, as it avoids the need to climb onto the roof, creating additional stress.

Roof safety

When working on a roof, always use a climbing rope tied to a tree or other solid stationary object. It only takes a few minutes to secure it, but it will help you clean the slippery roof safely and effectively.

Vent control

Another serious problem that requires the attention of the owner is the insertion of ventilation holes and chimneys after blizzards and snowfalls. The danger is that when a sufficiently large amount of snow accumulates in the pipe, a plug can form, which will prevent the carbon monoxide from escaping.

Every year, people die from carbon monoxide poisoning in their homes due to the fact that it simply has nowhere to go from the oven, and it accumulates in living quarters. Therefore, check the chimney regularly to ensure that no snow caps build upon it.


With the preservation of the water supply system in frosty conditions, the situation is much more complicated. The first step is to turn off the water, but it will still remain in the connections, taps, and equipment, which will inevitably lead to damage to the system. The repair will be costly. It is better to secure yourself in advance. It is necessary to call professionals who sell the plumbing and remove the remaining liquid. You can add anti-freeze liquid to the sink and toilet, but you cannot be 100 percent sure of the result. The correct approach to keeping the system in order is to insulate the pipes. First, take care of the ones that are buried in the ground on your site. They can be heated using an electric wire. The pipes are wrapped with wire or placed together in a single box. For greater reliability, two heating wires are laid to one pipe.

Walls: putty, paint, and wallpaper

The owners of many houses use putty and wallpaper during the renovation. Putty allows you to easily and quickly eliminate any irregularities in the walls, and wallpaper, with relatively low financial costs, makes it possible to change the interior of the premises.

The putty has low humidity, due to which, after complete drying, it easily withstands freezing and prolonged exposure to a cold, unheated room. But it can barely withstand high humidity and, moreover, condensation. Therefore, the room must either be left cold for the whole winter, or the temperature must be constantly maintained in it.

With wallpaper, things are more complicated. Here, both drying at low temperatures and frequently getting wet due to periodic heating of the room is dangerous. Due to complete drying in the cold, cheap wallpaper can tear, and not high-quality glue can crack. Periodic heating will lead to constant drops of condensation on the wallpaper, which over time will turn the wallpaper into rags. Maintain the same temperature during the whole season and make sure to buy a good quality wallpaper and glue when renovating. 

Most often, painting defects appear due to poor-quality surface preparation, a disdain for the technology of painting, and external influences. Unfortunately, in some cases, the situation can only be corrected by a complete rework of house painting by the professionals


Proper preparation of the house for winter, control of all life support systems, insulation, and timely removal of snow and ice will help keep your home warm and cosy, protect the building from destruction, and protect residents from injury and make living comfortable and safe.

We wish you a successful wintering without damage and destruction to your beloved home.

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