A Pain Clinic Can Be Helpful For Children With Cystic Fibrosis

The genetic disease Cystic Fibrosis is where mucus in the body becomes sticky and thick, almost glue-like. Because it is glue-like, it builds up and causes problems in lungs, pancreas, and other organs.

Those who have been diagnosed with CF will experience breathing problems and are prone to other lung diseases. The CF patient will also experience digestion, growth, and nutrition problem. These are things that can a pain clinic that has CF focused staff can help a patient greatly. CF is a disease that generally worsens over time.

The good news is that those with CF are seeing a longer life expectancy due to the discoveries of medications that are available now. In North America, CF is more common in white children and is diagnosed early in life.

Research has found that a change or the mutation in a gene is the cause of CF. The changed gene is then passed down to other generations, but only if both parents are a carrier of the gene that was changed.

After Diagnosis

Once a child has been diagnosed, a team of healthcare professionals at a pain clinic that is CF focused will create a treatment plan. Any specific health problems the child may have are considered in creating this plan. By following the treatment plan that is created for them, a child with CF can live a healthy, long life.

Part of the treatment plan will include ongoing digestive therapy, respiratory therapy, and treatment with prescription medications like antibiotics. The child will need to receive regular medical care and the parents will need to provide home treatments as well. Those treatments at home include postural drainage and taking precautions that reduce infection.

Where Is Treatment Found?

There are excellent Cystic Fibrosis centers that provide the best treatment. They are much like a pain clinic but with a focus on the disease and helping the CF patient.   These pain centers and clinics will address the many needs the patient and their family will need in the way of emotional, medical, and nutritional.

Keeping Doctor Visits Is Important

Keeping the regular visits and the immunizations up-to-date are extremely important when a child has Cystic Fibrosis. The doctor assigned to the case will need to be sure that the child is eating properly, gaining weight, and has a normal rate of growth. Each visit will include the height, head size, and weight is recorded for comparison at the next visit.

Regular lab tests will be performed at each visit as well. This enables the pain clinic to stay informed on how the disease is progressing and affecting the child's body. They will monitor your child’s immunizations and advise the parent when it is time to get them. A child with CF should keep their immunizations current and get the pneumococcal shots as well.

The medical team will also recommend and follow the child’s progress with these two therapies:

Digestive Therapy

Digestive therapy will replace the digestive enzymes the child is missing by way of Creon or Pancreaze. This is to make sure their body can absorb the minerals and vitamins that are needed. It also prevents and treats any intestinal blockages.

Nutritional therapy will replace any nutrients that are lost with vitamin intake; high-calorie and high-fat foods; nutritional drinks; and in some cases, the child will be fed by a tube inserted into their stomach.

Respiratory Therapy

Respiratory therapy will improve breathing and slow down lung damage. This therapy focuses on reducing infection and removing the mucus so the lungs stay healthy. This is sometimes done by medication that will control how much mucus is created and the thickness of it. The pain center that has a CF focus will show the parent and child exercise to perform that clears the airways and encourages coughing.

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