Pack and Ship: Tips and Tricks for Efficient Packing and Shipping

Pack and Ship: Tips and Tricks for Efficient Packing and Shipping
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Do you have an online business and you need to pack and ship your products? Well, you need to make sure that you are properly packing your packages to avoid spending too much money, wasting time on fulfillment, or failing to protect the products that you need to send.

Here are some of the tricks that you can follow:

1. Avoid paying for excess space and weight

One of the secrets of the efficient pack and ship tricks is choosing a box that will fit your items easily and safely. Aside from that, you need to ensure that you are not leaving unnecessary space that will add up to the excess bulk of your package.

The size and weight of your package determine the cost that you will pay. So if you are running an online business, it will save you from paying for superfluous space. You can play around and test a few sizes and styles of shipping products. Also, focus on finding ones that will work for a wide range of products.

2. Organize your system

Delaying shipments of products is a big turn-off in a business. You need to make sure that you standardize your system to avoid delays in fulfillment and delivery. You need to organize your system - from picking the right box up to properly sealing each package before shipping.

If you have a warehouse, you need to organize an area where products are warehoused and packed. You can keep your best-selling items close to the packaging area and store them on an easy-to-reach shelf for easy packaging.

3. Pack the items with the right packaging cushioning materials

Wrapping your products with the right packaging materials will not only protect your items during shipping but also satisfies your customer.

You can use bubble wraps, Styrofoam pellets, foam caps, cardboard pieces, and foam packing peanuts to wrap your items. Although you will spend extra money on this, the cost will be offset by avoiding losses from damaged and broken items. These cushioning materials will help control the vibration and shock felt by fragile items.

4. Do not over pack your package

Although you should protect your package with packaging materials, there is no need to overdo it. Chances are, over-padding items may mean you need to use a larger box than necessary. It can increase the amount and cost of packing material as well as the price tag of the whole package.

5. Properly seal everything

After ensuring that your items are wrapped and tied properly, you can now seal your package. You need to use thick and wide packaging tapes to make sure that your box is tightly wrapped and secured. This will ensure that no valuable items inside the box will fall out during the shipment.

And if your parcel needs extra protection, you can wrap the taped packaging box with another layer of bubble wrap. And mark the box "FRAGILE" to let your shipping center know that they are handling easily breakable items.

6. Invest in folding boxes

It is truly frustrating to find the right side of the box when you need to pack and ship your parcel immediately. Well, you can save yourself from all the stress and frustration by stockpiling folding boxes that can be cut to the precise size that you need. You can save a lot in investing in folding boxes without compromising the performance and durability.

And finally, you need to find the right carrier that will fit your needs. Choose the right shipping center that can change from package-to-package depending on what you're sending, how large your parcel is, and when you are sending it.

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