Myron Rath

Hi, I am Myron. I am the type of guy who loves cooking. Ever since I saw my dad and his kitchen staff use nutrition label maker, I was amazed how food preparation can be so easy. Well, I am in my last year now as an apprentice in one of the biggest culinary schools in my state. I want to be the best chef. My parents have instilled on us four boys to be competitive and do our best in all our endeavors. When my brothers and I are done with out football practices, we are required to eat healthy snacks, which is non negotiable with my dad and mom. Thus, we grew up minding the food we take.

Articles from this author

The Role of Corporate Culture in Food Safety

Ensuring food safety and protecting consumers are of primary importance to players in the foodservice industry. Top company officials – from chief executive officer down to the quality analyst at the company’s plant – know that the above objectives must be met consistently.