Long or Small Distance Moves: Can they be Customized?


Small moves or relocations are much more common than they seem. However, many people are tempted to carry out this type of transport in an “informal” way. In some cases, they simply think that no moving company is going to be interested in making a small move, and they choose to do it themselves with the help of friends or family.

In other cases, they directly turn to non-professionals who, in most cases, operate in the underground economy, who are dedicated to making shipments from one point to another in the city and who simply have a van and a friend or brother-in-law, which gives them a hand from time to time, but in reality they lack experience, do not have adequate and precise packaging material for a good execution, and without the possibility of offering guarantee of any kind. Double mistake!

In this post, we are going to explain why, and reason why you should always operate with the greatest care with long distance movers, large or small, for individuals or companies.

Moving companies always try to cover the maximum of services within our business area. It is the way in which we ensure a constant work flow so that our workforces are fully occupied and thus we can maintain, at the same time, the profitability of the business and the stability of employment. That is the way we operate, we contribute our grain of sand to the local economy and that is why we have learned to adapt as much as possible to the needs of all our clients.

For the reasons explained, small moves are part of our routine, and we treat them with the same consideration that we would use with larger, long-distance private moves. For us, a transfer of personal belongings, whether few or many, bulky or not, deserves the same treatment and the same deference, because we are aware that the attachment that their owner feels towards them simply cannot be measured or valued.

Services Accepted by Moving Companies

The transfer of loose objects, removals without transport (within the same farm or urbanization), moving furniture within a house (perhaps with several floors) ... All these aspects that we could include under the concept of "small removals" are currently services that we provide constantly to users who request it. We often only have to send a small contingent of workers, and we know that our small service covers needs that users perceive as too big for them.

The risks are many, and there is nothing like being knowledgeable about all of them to rule out, the next time the idea of ​​requesting non-professional help to organize a small move comes to mind.

The dangers to yourself and to those who help you with the movement of furniture can be incalculable: from personal injuries and accidents, in the worst case, to damage and breakage in the objects that are transported, not to mention liability against third parties and the possibility of causing damage to stairs, elevators and other common places in the building, public space, etc.

In case of hiring a long distance movers or short distance movers, are even scarier: loss, theft, damage and breakage, fines. None of this will be covered by insurance that does not exist. Would you really leave your objects in strange hands and without any guarantee?

How we can Help you with Small Moves?

Perhaps you have the recommendation of a friend, relative or neighbor about a specific company that provided a good service to them. Perhaps you do not have that personal recommendation, and you are forced to look for evaluations on the internet.

In this case, we advise you to look for trust factors on the website of the companies in the sector, such as transparency, membership in sector associations, the availability of good insurance with leading companies in the sector, etc. 

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