List of Top Features of Passenger and Driver App

Taxi App Development

Nowadays, top players in taxi booking mobile apps such as Uber and Ola have changed the way people travel and enhanced their experience too. These apps have made journey comfortable for everyone. People can book a taxi from anywhere and it will arrive within a few minutes. In addition to that, some companies have even started providing the option of offline booking services if in case the customers are unable to have Internet connection at that time.

When it comes to market, many businesses and startups are looking forward to developing Uber-like taxi app development. If you are also among those businesses then there are a few things that you must know before you stepped into this market.

For building an attention-grabbing and highly responsive application, you need to develop two different modules: one for drivers and one for passengers. Both these apps need to be linked to the admin portal. These include:

  • The Passenger App
  • The Driver App

Below mentioned some of the important features of the passenger app.

  1. Registration Or Login

At first, customers need to register or login through their email id or with the social media platforms. Customers can also enter their card and banking details for completing payments.

  1. Enter Booking Details

As an app owner, you need to provide a booking interface page to the customers. Here, they can feed the details regarding their destination as well as source or say pickup point.

  1. Estimating The Total Fare

This feature allows customers to get the estimate of the fare of their ride even before they confirm the booking.

  1. Cab Choosing Option

You must provide the option of cab selection to the customers so that they can select the sort of car from which they want to travel, including price per minute or price per kilometer.

  1. Tracking The Car

Some passengers may want to track the driver location and know when their cab will arrive.

  1. Checking The Driver’s Rating

Customer is smart now. They sometimes go through the review and ratings of the cab driver to make sure they are traveling with a reliable person.

  1. Interacting With The Drivers

When the cab arrives, drivers contact the passengers and get the details about their pickup and drop off places.

  1. Making Payment

After the completion of the rides, passengers receive the automatic payment slip where all payments are cashless. After that, an invoice is sent to their email id, as well.

  1. Previous Booking Details

This option allows all users to check and access their booking history. They can also make the same booking again with it. For example, from home to office, and vice-versa.

Necessary Features Of The Driver’s App

  1. Updated Profile Of The Drivers

This feature is somehow similar to the passenger’s app. But it also comprises the complete details of a driver including his updated profile and status. This aspect counts in the verification process including their license number. It helps the recruiters know if the driver is available at that time or not.

  1. Messaging Alert

This feature alerts the drivers instantly as soon as the passenger in their nearby location has asked for the cab. Drivers are suppossed to reach the destination by taking the shortest route possible.

  1. Navigation Of The Route

There must be a navigation app attached to the driver’s one. In this way, it will get easier for the drivers to reach the destination in the shortest possible time without wasting time to search or ask for the route.

  1. The Fare Of Ride

This feature gives drivers an estimation of the ride fair with discount coupons if has applied.

  1. Earnings And Stats

It’s a quick report which mainly highlights the earnings, stats, as well as payrolls during the trips. Drivers can check their driving history along with category wise earnings

  1. Selecting The Preferred Driver

From the security point of view and as per the experience, some people prefer traveling with the particular drivers. So you can provide such feature to your users.

By implementing these above-discussed features with white label taxi app, you will be able to develop an effective and user-friendly app. In this way, it will be easy for you to enter the market w Uber-like app development.

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