Las Vegas As A Starting Point For National Parks Tours

National Parks Tours

There are several tour companies that offer trips to National Parks in the US southwest, which use Las Vegas as a starting point.  Aside from not knowing exactly where to go in order to see the best sights of any of the protected areas in this portion of the country, there is actually a few very good reasons that Las Vegas is the logical starting point for these types of trips.  When you want to visit Bryce Canyon, Zion, the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley or Antelope Canyon, you should consider utilizing a touring company that is based in Las Vegas, and here is why:

1. A major airport.  One of the aspects of national parks is that they are surrounded by an area that is not legal to develop as part of the US Antiquities Act which was signed into law by President Roosevelt.  This forbids the encroachment around a protected area, and prevents development of any kind within a specific number of miles surrounding that area.  This limits the amount of cities and small towns that will crop up as part of the tourism that fuels an area, along with all of the supporting kinds of businesses.  This means that you are not going to find restaurants, hotels or shops within a specific number of miles around that park.  You are also not going to find an airport within a number of miles, let alone an airport that can handle commercial flights.  If you are flying to the area that makes logical sense to visit any of the parks named, Las Vegas and Salt Lake City are the closest major airports that will allow a commercial flight to land.  Las Vegas will generally be cheaper to fly into from where ever you live, as it is a larger tourist location than Salt Lake City.  You then have the option of either starting your visit to the national park by renting a car and driving to it, or renting a hotel room and allowing a tour company to transport you.

2. Hotel rooms.  Las Vegas has more hotel rooms than any other city in the country, and as a result you will be easily able to find a room that fits your budget.  Rooms in Las Vegas are generally cheaper than Salt Lake City and have more options simply due to the fact that Las Vegas is built on tourists who book rooms.  You will have a far larger selection in a major city than you will if you try to book a hotel in an area surrounding a national park, because services in those areas are limited.

3. Driving distance.  Las Vegas is more than 3 hours from the closest national park aside from Death Valley.  That being said, you are going to have to drive nearly a half day each way if you are planning a visit.  Nobody wants to spend 6 hours driving on the same day you will be trying to hike and explore.  Allowing a touring company to transport you to the area while you rest just makes sense.

4. Experience.  You have never been to that national park, and as a result you probably have almost no idea what the best features are, and the ones that you don't want to miss.  A professional touring company that specializes in national parks tours will make sure you see all the sights that most visitors request, and will make sure your trip has all the aspects that you are looking for.  They will provide you with the enjoyment and serenity of the protected spaces of the United States, all during your next Las Vegas vacation.

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