Karaoke Bar and Lounge – The Latest Craze in Town

Karaoke Bar and Lounge
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Restaurants, bars and lounges are all passe. Yes, believe it or not, there is a new player on the block that has been hogging a lot of attention from youngsters. It combines a lounge with a fulfilment factor and has been known to serve as a much-in-demand stress buster. Yes, an evening spent at a Karaoke Bar and Lounge is gen next’s answer to a busy, boring day!

The culture of having this is a modern one but is also one that has caught on with young Indians. It has entered the Indian hospitality industry in a big way, in recent years. Youngsters these days look for fun ways to relax and singing along with music is definitely on the top of the list of music lovers. The no holds barred, musical experience is not only participatory but also liberating. A karaoke lounge cum bar is a vibrant place where you can unwind - have a drink, enjoy the camaraderie of your friends. In addition, you can also let your hair down and fulfil your cherished desire of singing. The combination of the lyrics and the soundtrack is just the thing for newbies and can work wonders for your confidence while the cheering crowds can add to it.

As a concept, karaoke originated in Japan, however it was in America that it reached its peak of popularity. The live audience, that is an integral part of American lounges, is the quintessential contribution of the United States. Also, bars in America are different from Japanese bars where you have to pay to sing into the microphone.

Ambience of Karaoke Bar and Lounge

Ambience is of supreme importance in the design and management of a Karaoke bar and lounge. Most bars are theme based where the décor will be in harmony with the theme. As expected, all kinds of Japanese and American themes are popular choices. This can range from anywhere between a jazz bar to a Japanese gaming bar. Whatever the choice, the interior of the lounge must reflect the theme. To make the theme more prominent and the ambience more enveloping, the food served in karaoke lounges revolves around the themes. So you can grab the microphone and sing your favourite number as long as you stick to the theme. A live audience will cheer for you while enjoying theme based grub.

Modern day bars and lounges that have a musical setup as well, have become popular and have gone beyond entertainment and relaxation alone. They have evolved as the new destination of informal business meetings! So sit back, enjoy your meeting with a drink and don’t sign that contact till a song is sung.

Why is the concept popular?

There is only one all important reason for the popularity of Karaoke Bar and Lounges, i.e. the wish fulfilment factor. Many people have nourished lifelong dreams of singing in public which has never been realized either due to their of lack of efforts or due to circumstantial problems. The soundtrack in a lounge gives such people an opportunity through which they can fulfil their desires and enjoy themselves. Many modern movies have portrayed Karaoke as a self-fulfilling and liberating experience. The singer, after he sheds his inhibitions, can really find joy in his performance while bringing joy to his audience as well. This is a decidedly American concept that has proved to be immensely popular in various parts of the globe.


Karaoke bar and lounges have become an important part of nightlife in several Indian metros. Many youngsters see a self-fulfilling value to that very few other opportunities provide. For better or for worse, the musical trend is here to stay.

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