Is the Internet Good for Children

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It indeed is not an easy question, especially when you list out the pros and cons of setting up internet at your place. You know the bad parts as well as the good. You have to take into consideration how your children will use it. You either think of all the ways you can teach them how to avoid making it a bad experience or you simply take all the precautionary measures so that they don’t come across something you don’t want them to come across. But what is the best way to go about this?


In this article, we will discuss if the internet is good for children. We will also point out the ways one can go about making sure your child is safe online.


First of all, to answer the question whether the internet is good for an innocent mind or not, we will point out the possibilities of how a child may use the internet - its advantages and disadvantages. This is important as it carries many advantages for people and makes it easier for others to carry on the success of others.


Disadvantages of Using the Internet

If your child is below 10 years of age, you have to be careful of the things they go through when they access the internet. They may come across websites that are harmful to their innocent mind. They may also access sites that release a virus or malware – you can’t risk the precious data in your system. A child needs constant supervision from a parent when they are online.


Constantly staring at a screen could also cause damage to the eyes. You have to make sure that your kid indulges in physical activities as much as they like watching cartoons or playing online games. Using a computer excessively may tire their mind. You have to make sure that their life is well-balanced.


Suggestion: if you think the internet contains content that may be harmful to your kid, you should consider installing U-verse tv to your place. This will allow limited access to the content broadcasted on the screen.



If you like to use the internet, you know how many shows and tutorials there are that you can show your kid to enhance their cognitive abilities. You don’t need a separate tutor when you can hook your kid with the tutor of your choice on the internet. You can play informative videos for your kid when you’re busy. This way, they wouldn’t demand too much of your time while you’re working or doing other house chores - they are learning something that will help them in the future. There are several channels on YouTube for every age and every field. You can also expand the interests of your kids by introducing them to a variety of shows.


The internet is indeed a great blessing. If you give your child the due attention and full responsibility for what they do on there, they can grow into a much more knowledgeable kid than you expect. Undoubtedly, the internet has everything.


In conclusion, we can say that the internet is good for your child because the goodness of it depends highly on how it is used. If, as a responsible parent, you take good care of how your child accesses the internet, there will be good results in the long run. If not, you might have to restrict your child to the TV. The internet is a big world that contains all kinds of content. Being aware of this fact, you have to take this responsibility and not blame your kid if there is an unfortunate happening.   

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