HR Must Develop Corporate Board-games

HR Must Develop Corporate Board-games
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Everybody must have played a board game at least once. The most common board game could be a game of chess or snake and ladders. The endpoint of winning may be different, but the start of the game is usually the same. A certain number of players (normally 4) come together and with dice and some directional cards. The game will proceed to a logical end. Some business strategists also use the simple game of Monopoly to demonstrate how the business should proceed with a certain set of budgets.

So how does the HR director use the basic board game to help the company’s employees to navigate their corporate future and benefits?

Here are some tips for all HR to consider for this journey.

The playing cards

The HR director must spend time developing relevant scenarios that can be printed on each card. These scenarios can be studied from business consultants and futurists who are experts in knowing the various challenges facing employees. It is also obvious that these cards must be periodically updated to stay relevant to new business scenarios. The language used must also be clear to all employees.

The die and dice.

Most players use a single die and if there is a need, a player throws the die twice. There is a rationale for using just one die and it is simply correlated to the number of positions that are on the board. The more positions (squares), the more there is a need for dice. If your employees want something that is more advanced, the players can generate numbers from a mobile device.

The board designs

In all board games, what attracts the players is obviously the board design. It keeps the interest going for all the players especially busy and worn-out employees who may need the board game as a positive distraction.

However, before the aesthetics of the board, the text of each square must be determined. The premise is that each square highlights a situation that is faced by the company in this industry. In simple economics jargon, these squares can be viewed as “fixed positions” while the content in the playing cards is viewed as “variable positions”.

To cut down the use of printed materials, the board game can be designed on an electronic platform. There can also be an option where players can play the game in a remote manner in order to allow the players to continue their normal work routines and play the game during their lull period.


The company can invite a consultant to view the entire game in the background. The consultant can explain to each player the various scenarios and allow them to make their own decisions. There must not be any judgment or even perceived bias that is transmitted to each player.

To add less stress in playing this board game, this game can be designed to be played as a team. This can be useful as the talents can be viewed for their effectiveness as working as a corporate team.


The board game can be stalled at various junctures and the scenario can be recorded like a snapshot from a mobile phone. This situation can be then developed as a case study and various industry members can be invited to provide their own inputs about how they would react. Of course, the identity of the original players must never be revealed to ensure there is confidentiality.

Boardgame To Case-studies

HR can develop the board game activities to be used as legacy case studies to help generations of new employees get tried and tested ideas of handling different situations. It is also a good source of developing corporate branding.

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