How to Start Your Own Food Blog

Food blog

How long have you been yearning to share your killer recipes and food adventures?  Have you been dreaming of posting sumptuous snaps of your favorite dishes and get as many compliments as you can?  Nah, cast away those bubble thoughts and turn to an exciting world of running your own food blog.

Yes, food blogging, listed as one of the million-dollar business concepts that you can set up for a minimal rate (or could be free) is doing A-okay and can help you reap massive benefits, said chef and food blogger Abraham founder of viniecapricci.

 Take Eunice Martin as an example of a big success in this field.  The 23-year-old is known for her passion for food styling.  In an interview, the young blogger highlighted her dedication in reading food blogs and taking inspiration from Pinterest for lovely photos hence nabbing the title “Top Food Influencer” for this year’s Influence Asia Awards.

Get noticed and join the roster of the top food bloggers with these simple tips.

1. Create a catchy name.

Note that there are thousands of food bloggers around the world and to capture the attention of your readers with a unique name is crucial.  Spend time in creating and searching for the best name of your blog.    Instill originality and creativity in your composition.  You may want to try Daily Bites or The Food Stylist.  The name actually depends on your style, mood, and theme.

2. Get your domain name and hosting.

Once settled with a perfect domain name, have it hosted with one that has amazing offers.  Bluehost offers free registration of the domain name and you get to pay less than a hundred bucks for 2 years of hosting through them.  Another recommended option by various food bloggers is with reasonable rates on a great performance.

3. Build your WordPress blog.

Blog is synonymous to WordPress.  Hailed as the most reliable and most popular publishing platform in the blogging industry, it acts as every blogger’s best friend.  It works great in search engines and offers various themes and designs plus you get to customize your own blog. 

4. Learn the basics of SEO.

Search engine optimization is important as it leads your blog to quality and integrity based on the content.  Curious foodies will easily find you thanks to Google that has an SEO starter guide for every novice blogger.

5. Post impressive photos (only).

No matter the beauty and art depicted in your food blog, if your photos are dull, do not expect to reach your target viewers.  The images of the food displayed in every blog are highly important.  If you have a caption “Drool with these delectable pancakes,” yet the snaps are ugly then you better hire a professional photographer or enroll yourself in a photography class.

6. Involve your customers.

One of the most effective ways of reaping success from your food blog is to be one with your customers.  Their comments and suggestions are your tools to self-improvement and confidence booster.  Encourage them to raise questions and reviews of your blogs.  By providing a “Contact Us” link on your site, you are one step closer to building a harmonious relationship with them.

7. Grow your network with other food bloggers.

Instagram and Pinterest are few of the many social media platforms that you can network your food blog.  You get to brainstorm with other food bloggers online or even in person about secrets in making your account grow.  Those experienced food bloggers can discuss practical ways on how to improve your site from telling thrilling stories of your delectable treats to capturing delicious photos of your products.  Apart from the winning insights, you gain a lot of friends too.  This is a win-win situation

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