How Small Businesses are Using Neon Lighting for Efficiency

Building with LED neon signs via Pixabay

Small businesses often face financial constraints in the bid to grow or launch a new product. Often, they are forced to be more efficient in managing costs just to break even. There are several ways to achieve this goal. Cutting costs on energy consumption is one of the most common, especially given the advances in technology that have facilitated the introduction of more energy-efficient gadgets and office equipment.

The lighting department is another area that businesses are increasingly targeting to minimize budget constraints. The traditional fluorescent lights are slowly falling by the wayside as businesses embrace led neon lighting both inside and outside their premises. 

One big advantage of this form of lighting besides the obvious case of cutting power consumption costs is that it can double up as a decorative graphic for the office, whilst also illuminating the business logo.

Create your business sign for foyers, where guests will get their first impression of your business. Currently, neon lights illuminate the streets of several cities creating a beautiful nightly ambiance for those who like to indulge late hours of the evening.  

Businesses are not just using neon lights for lighting purposes, they are using them for branding with the intent of gaining the attention of the prospective customer.

How neon lighting cuts power consumption costs

Lead-emitting diodes (LEDs) consume considerably less power when compared to neon tubes. LEDs boast a low power usage with an input voltage of 24V/120V which equates to lower electricity costs and greater safety.

From a mathematical perspective, if switched on at the same time for a 12-hour period, a fluorescent bulb will consume about 7,320 watts of power. The neon light will consume 4,800 watts, whilst an LED uses the least at 1,800 watts. With the LED, you will not only be cutting costs on lighting, but also on maintenance and installation.

An LED sign is lightweight and can be easily affixed to many surfaces. Traditional glass neon is understandably a lot heavier, requiring a sturdier hanging space, and also, given that they can contain toxic gases and mercury, they can only be installed by a qualified neon technician.

Therefore, it is important to be clear on what type of neon sign you intend to install in your business because the results can vary significantly depending on the material.

The future of neons

LED neon signs have revolutionized signage marketing. Glass neons were undoubtedly revolutionary in their time and the nostalgia of fluorescent red neon open signs and the constant hum that they emit, will always continue in retro diners the world over. But LED’s just allow for more possibilities.  Creatives can design interesting graphics, utilize any fonts and choose from a myriad of colours. 

Business logo’s can be moulded with ease and there are no clunky joints, as associated with glass tubing. The growth of LED signage is expected to continue into the foreseeable future especially in businesses that are client-facing or target walk-in customers. When you marry this strategic advantage with the fact that businesses will also be cutting power consumption costs, then it paints a bright future for the LED neon lighting market.


In summary, LED neon lighting has become an important aspect of cutting power consumption costs for businesses. The growth of LED signage designers and retailers has also helped to create a competitive market, making this one of the most affordable choices not only from a lighting perspective but also from a signage point of view. 

The industry is also likely to benefit from increased adoption in physical stores and the rapid growth of the 24-hour economy. As more countries embrace the 24-hour working culture, more businesses will adopt neon lighting for billboard advertising and general lighting. This will continue to boost industry growth.


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