How to Sell Your Car for Scrap and Get the Most Value

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How you know it is time to sell your car for scrap?

Do you have a junk car that seems of no use to you? Do you need extra cash to run your personal errands? If you do, you could sell your car for scrap to generate quick cash.

If you’ve got a very old and broken car, one of the options that you can use to raise extra cash is getting rid of the junk vehicle by selling it for scrap. When selling your car for scrap, however, you need to ensure you get the whole process right.

People sell junk cars for scrap if they are spending too much on repairs, getting spares has become difficult because the vehicle is out of the market, or if its fuel economy is poor.

You should always remember that when selling a car for scrap value, the money you get out of it largely depends on how you do the selling.

If you’re interested in selling your car for scrap value, below are six tips that will ensure you get the most value from your scrap car.

1. Understand The Lemon Laws In Your State.

Just like any other activity, there are state laws that govern the selling of junk vehicles for scrap. As such, you should be conversant with the laws that regulate the sale of junk cars in your state. Lemon laws refer to the regulations that have been put in place by the federal government to protect vehicle owners from unfair treatment by junkyards. To ensure that the lemon laws in your state do not affect your ability to sell junk cars, you must know and abide by them.

2. Know Your Car's Value.

To get more money when selling your vehicle for scrap, you have to be able to estimate its value before you initiate the selling process. Every vehicle has a value regardless of its state, and this should form the basis of the price you get for it. To estimate the value of your car, you can visit online sites that provide valuation services for vehicles and fill the details of your car's current condition and model. One of the sites that can help you estimate the value of your car is Kelley Blue Book.

3. Remove Valuable Parts And Sell Them As Used Spares.

There are many ways to sell a broken car, and it is up to you to decide what will be more convenient for you. For instance, you can sell your junk car to junkyard operators as a used car or tear its parts and sell each to other car owners. If yours is a vintage car, you can remove its useful parts and sell them to people who fancy such cars. This often works for models that are no longer in production because people who own such cars have to purchase used spare parts to service them.

4. Ask For Estimates From Different Dealerships.

If you wish to sell your car to junkyard dealerships, consider getting value estimates of your car from different dealerships first before settling on one dealership. You can use online platforms such as We Buy Any Car USA, Peddle, and Salvage to compare the different values of your vehicle. After reviewing the different values, seal the deal with the buyer that offers you the highest price for your vehicle. By comparing reviewing the terms of different dealerships, you are likely to get different valuations for your car. This way, you will have the opportunity to pick the dealership that gives you more for your car.

5. Consider Delivering Your Car To The Junkyard.

If you contact a dealership and they offer to tow your junk car to their junkyard, there is a high likelihood that you will bear the towing costs. This reduces the amount of money you get, significantly. To ensure that you get value for your junk vehicle, consider driving it or towing it yourself to the junkyard. This way, you will receive higher price quotes because you would have saved the dealership time and money.

6. Never Confuse Your Vehicle's Junk Value With Its Used Value.

Finally, you should be careful not to confuse a junk dealership with a used vehicle dealership. If your vehicle is in good condition and can be resold, you will get more value by selling it to a used car dealership rather than to a junkyard. Junkyard dealerships are often concerned with scrapping and recycling the different parts of a vehicle. As a result, such dealerships will value your vehicle only based on its weight. This means that you should only contact them if you are looking to sell a car to scrap for cash.

Above are some of the tips that will ensure you get value for your junk car. Try some of these tips before you consider selling your broken car for scrap.

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