How to Prepare an Auto Accident Claim

How to Prepare an Auto Accident Claim

In an auto accident claim, it is always wise to have the necessary documents with you to make the process smoother. Ask your insurance for providing necessary documents that would prove that you are carrying automobile insurance on the car that you are driving. In other words, you need to always carry with you proof of insurance since you would never know when you may need it. 

The Necessary Documents

The usual proof of insurance you can carry are ID cards or even just the declaration’s page of your policy which will state your name, the effective dates of your policy as well as the different kinds of coverage you have. These things are essential should you, unfortunately, get into an auto accident or if you violate one of the many traffic rules. This would also help you in filing an auto accident claim since these documents would normally carry your insurance provider’s contact numbers. 

No matter how we try to drive safely at all times, we cannot guarantee that we would be a hundred percent free from any kind of accident. There are a lot of reckless drivers around that could force us to get involved in an auto accident. Aside from this, there are other things that could cause an accident that is out of our control. Therefore, it is best that we have adequate insurance coverage so that we will have peace of mind while we are driving around.

What to Do

In the event that you get involved in an auto accident, it is important not to panic since it could just worsen the present situation. Try to find a policeman as soon as you can so that he can come to the scene of the accident and compose a report regarding the incident. He should also aid in calling for medical assistance should someone need it. 

Just in case the vehicle who hit you is not man enough to face the consequences and ran off, it would be best if you could have gotten his license plate number since it is very easy to locate the other party having that kind of information on hand. 

It is imperative that you exchange necessary information such as your insurance providers and your names as well as your contact information. Determining the party at fault would be the role of the police officer. 

Contact Insurance Provider

Contact your insurance provider as soon as you can. Most insurance companies have claims department that is open 24 hours a day so it should not be hard to reach someone from their end.
Once an auto insurance claims adjuster has been assigned to you, you need to take note of his name and discuss the accident with him completely and accurately. Ask him about the complete process you need to go through in filing an auto accident claim if this is your first time. 


Injuries during the accident should leave you eligible for a personal injury protection coverage. You should know that the medical expenses involved should be covered by your insurance company.

It is important that you go to a hospital right after the accident and inform the attending physician of every detail regarding the accident as well as the pain you are suffering. This will be duly noted by the medical staff since your insurance adjuster will talk to them regarding your claim and he will check all the necessary detail there to ensure that you are filing a legitimate claim. 

Complications in Processing

In the event that you feel your insurance provider is giving you a hard time in providing you the benefit, you are entitled to after filing an auto accident claim you can always consult a personal injury attorney who specializes in automobile insurance cases so that he can provide you further assistance with it. Never hesitate to ask questions and read all the necessary details in your insurance policy so that you will be aware as to what extent your insurance provider will give you coverage.

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