How to Organise a Simple and Fast House Relocation

How to Organise a Simple and Fast House Relocation

House removals are stressful, hard and let’s be real nobody wants to move unless it is really necessary. Even if relocate to a beautiful town like Bournemouth, you will still need to get at least a week of paid leave to properly rest. There are some things you can do ease the situation and relieve the steam. Here is how you can organise a fast and painless house relocation.

The Best Things Come to Those Who Plan

If you want to have a smooth and effortless house moving you need to invest some time in planning all the details properly. Many things can go wrong you want to make sure that you can handle anything fate throws at you. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I need to bring all my belongings with me to the new place?
  • Will I ever use item “X” or “Z”?

If you answered with no, congratulations you just completed your first challenge and now know that is time to declutter your home. Make a pile of everything you don't want, or it is not essential to your new home. You can either donate everything or make some unexpected gifts to family and friends.
Now it is time for the next set of questions:

  • How are you going to move?
  • Can you do everything all by yourself or you need help?
  • Who can you call for help?

These questions need to be carefully thought about. You may need to call some professional help or bribe your friends with a beer in order to help you pack all your belongings.

And last but definitely not least:

  • What is going to happen to your old place?
  • Do you need to do an end of tenancy cleaning? 

If you are obligated to do the last cleaning of the house before you move out, you need to plan it in advance. Buy everything you will need to clean the house, depending on how big it is, the cleaning process may take up to a week.

Preparation for The Big Move

During the last days before the relocation becomes a reality, you need to make sure that everybody knows what is expected of them. A good idea is to make a checklist of all tasks so you can keep track of them. Prepare a schedule for each day of the moving and regularly look if you are overlooking something important. A couple of things needs special preparation:

  • If you have kids make the necessary arrangements with your parents or babysitter. You have to have a backup plan if something goes wrong the last moment.
  • Your houseplants need special care and preparation that needs to start in a month before you move.
  • Your pets also require some attention. Spend a little time researching different ways of transporting your animals and visit at least one your local vet.

Pack Your Bags and Let's Move to Bournemouth

Packing is the most boring and time-consuming part of the whole house moving process. Not only that but you will need to spend a great deal of money on proper packing materials. However, you could cheat a little and youse some of the things you have in your house:

  • Use old boxes from shoes, TV or other electronic devices. You could also go to your local store and ask if they have some spare carton boxes that you can take.
  • Use socks as bedding and secure your plates, glass or porcelain figurines. Socks serve as a great replacement of bubble wrap and you are being eco-friendly by not using so much plastic;
  • Old bed sheet can also be used for wrapping and packing.

There are a couple of packing tips that you might find quite useful:

  • Pack one room at a time.
  • Label each box with a room name and number, for example, “Kitchen, box 2”.
  • Use a colour code for each room — living room — green, kitchen - pink, etc.

Now you are ready to go and start the new chapter of your life!

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