How an Online Portfolio App Can Enhance a Resume

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While there are many career and job sites to apply for work, the opportunities are sometimes limited for those who use a plain resume and cover letter.  Getting a position in these times is about applying a little creativity at the first contact.  Unique presentations help applicants stand apart from the competition and an online portfolio app is the perfect promotional tool that can help individuals land the job of their dreams.


Use with Caution and Consideration

When using creative branding to promote self, it helps to do research on the recipient as well as the industry.  Many job recruiters tell applicants that tailoring their resume so that it matches the job description word-for-word is recommended.  Adding a little online real estate, such as a professional profile link, can benefit the job applicant as well.


If the applicant is a natural wordsmith,  a career portfolio may include related online articles or guests blog posts on recognized publications.  This can help applicants show off their demonstrated knowledge about an industry or the latest developments. Although it benefits to use content that’s been published recently, going with an older article or post that’s worthy of discussing during an interview or meeting should be included.   It’s just a matter of adding a link or embedded object to a profile.


Practice Positivity with Professional Social Media

An applicant’s participation in positive social media activity that reflects change or other interesting happenings in an industry can also help them stand apart.  This is the perfect time to see if the account contains controversial posts or interactions that don’t appeal to the general public.  Topics like politics, cultural attitudes, and even off-color jokes aren’t looked upon too kindly by prospective employers…even if a statement is proven to be the truth.  Long story short, it helps to play it safe, as creating a new account is the best solution.  


In a social media account, it also helps to not share anything that may cause a stir, especially if the subjects are key people in an industry or the source of information is trustworthy.  Doing so may intrigue the minds of important people but for the wrong reason.  Even if the job seeker doesn’t say something directly, co-signing an unpopular opinion can compromise one’s reputation.  


Keep Resume Content Relevant for Best Results

Many experts say, generally speaking, when hiring personnel views online work resumes, they start at the top and stop at the halfway point.  The reason is they have limited time to look over every bit of resume text.  Sometimes they will only look at the top half or spend less than three minutes before moving on to the next applicant.  This is why work portfolios and resumes should use relevant keywords in the objective section or near it.


While it may be tempting to come up with a unique design for a portfolio/resume combination, it’s best to use a template found on these apps.  Unless a person has experience in communications or graphic design, it’s easy to lose focus.  Often amateur designers get more into the visual features of a profile instead of what’s important. Using a template, or seeing an example of a similar profile, will give an idea as to where pertinent information should go.


Give Employers What They Want

Furthermore, everything should be symmetrical, or relatively the same in a career portfolio and resume.  This is a branding fundamental that goes hand-in-hand with the self-promotion process.  Although it’s not necessary to add a logo or statement on an online portfolio or profile, it helps if the visuals used are consistent throughout.  For instance, if the applicant is applying for a position that has specific requirements and skills, they shouldn’t include anything that’s unrelated to the job.

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