How to Make a Food Delivery App like Ubereats?

Food Delivery App like Uber

We all know it was never easy in the past to get your favorite food like steak or sushi when you wished to. Ever since the food delivery mobile application has been invented; you can have your favorite food at your doorstep is just a few taps away.

There are a plethora of food delivery services working in the market which provides you the food on your demand. Some of the most popular apps are like Grub Hub, DoorDash, Postmates, Talabat, and UberEats.

As per statista, the market growth volume of food delivery will enhance by 2023 at an annual rate of about US$24,461m. By looking at the ever-growing usage of the online Food ordering, entrepreneurs are hurrying to set their foot into the market.

Why Choose Ubereats as Your Business Model?

As we have talked about, there are lots of delivery apps out there but you won’t see a fast-growing business like UberEats.

The features of the UberEats has gained popularity among its user and its rating are high on the App Store and Google Play. In the past few years, it has expanded in the major cities and partners with famous restaurants like McDonand’s.

These growth has narrowed down the gap between its rival GrubHub which was around 48% in 2017 and dropped to 28% this march.

How to Create an App like Ubereats?

If you want to be a successful entrepreneur then you must acknowledge the complete work structure as well as the competitor strength. And when its a question of food delivery apps, it is important to understand that the success of the business not only relies on Mobile app and website.

Hence, if you’ll choose UberEats as the business model you will get two different apps for admin panel to control all the operations. The features and the working of the apps are as follows.

Mobile Application for Customer

Whether you are choosing to build customer UberEats like App or a clone app for UberEats you must always plan to cover the customers on a wider level.

If you are want to make an app that is economically viable and cut short the expenses. You can build your app in those platforms which customers use more.

User app features

For placing Order

  • Selecting a delivery address and the food outlets nearby will be automatically displayed
  • Select a restaurant based on preferences
  • Scroll through menu
  • Add dishes to the card

Prices & Delivery Cost

The cost and delivery prices must be automatically displayed according to the food selected. Which enhances the user interface and a user can decide whether to purchase the item or not.

Also, you can plan out to set a surge price when the demand is too high.

Coupon and Discount

If you want a huge number of customers then offering discount and coupons is an effective way. You can add some bonus money if the user invites a new user to download your app. It attracts new users to get your app and start buying from your delivery app.

App for Delivery People

As mentioned earlier delivery people will be given a new app to handle their operations. The app allows them to decide flexibly the days and time of working. The basic functionality of the apps include,

  • Ordering table
  • Notifying for new order request
  • Geo-tracking
  • Payment information
  • Order comments
  • Service history

Admin Section of the System

However, Uber is a completely automated process, people work at the back end to provide support whenever necessary. So, going on the same path can be beneficial for you too.

By using this admin panel you can control the whole operation of the app. You can set price, delete or add delivery boys based on the feedback given from the users. Cancel the orders, and can set location to be served on a particular day.

So never forget to add these important features in your app.

Once you have organized all these, you have to estimate the amount that requires to invest. Analyze the market according to regions, and choose the best development company.

What Does It Cost to Make an App like Ubereats

Cost of developing an app varies according to demographics and lots of other factors.

The same app that cost you $100 per hour in the USA may cost only $20 per hour in India. Other than that, it depends on which platform are you building your app. If you will build your app in separate platforms for iOS and Android you will have to pay more.

But the performance of the app will be the best. On the other hand, there are platforms in which you just have to code once for your app and it can run on both the platforms. But at the cost of performance.


Building an app like UberEats is a very lucrative business idea. You just have to decide the right technology partner and restaurant partner. Always go for an experienced restaurant app development company that has experience in developing such kind of app.

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