How Encryption can Enhance Information Security in Online Businesses

Data Security

With the rapid growth of digital transformation and communication, various issues related to information security are also rapidly increasing and gaining importance. The messages and information that are shared publicly through accessible computer networks should be kept confidential and also protected against any manipulation. The most reliable means to protect information is through security controls that adequately ensure integrity, confidentiality, and availability of the data. Data encryption is a method to reduce the risk of unauthorized handling of the data and it helps in information protection control.

What Is Data Encryption?

Data encryption is the process that helps to translate the data into another form or code so that people having access to the secret key or the password can only read it.  The encrypted data is referred to as ciphertext and the unencrypted data is called the plain text. Encryption is one of the most and effective data security methods that are used by organizations. It helps to increase the information security by protecting the data that your send, receive and also store by using a device. It includes all text messages that are stored on your devices, running the logs saved on your smartwatch or any other banking information that you share from your online account.

How does Data Encryption help in Information Security?

The purpose of data encryption is mainly to maintain the confidentiality of the digital data that is transferred as it is stored on the system and transmitted by using the internet and other computer networks. Now the data encryption standards are replaced by modern encryption algorithms that play a critical role in IT security and communications.

The algorithms help to drive the key security initiatives that include authentication, non-repudiation, and integrity. The authentication process helps in verification of the message’s origin, the integrity provides proof that the message’s content has not changed while sending and non-repudiation ensures that a message sender cannot deny sending the message. When the intended recipient accesses the data, the message is then translated back to its original form which is called decryption.

Advantages of Using Encryption Technology for Information Security:

Can be Used Across a Variety of Devices:

One core advantage of modern encryption technology is that you can apply it to most of the tech devices that you use. The iPhone encrypts the data by default and the encryption is enabled when you purchase it. Based on your needs the mobile development companies also offer file-based encryption techniques and methods that are most appropriate for you.Secured VPN providers also use the 256-bit encryption protocol.

Supports Data Integrity:

Another advantage of encryption technology is that it helps to increase the integrity of the information and so it should be used as part of an overall strategy.  If you trust the data, it helps to gain confidence and make business decisions. Data encryption helps to ensure that only authorized parties of the organizations gain access to the firm’s information for analysis.

Offers a Competitive Advantage:

Hiring an information security service provider helps to avail of the benefits using accurate data. Since data encryption techniques can be applied to both information at rest as well as in transit, it offers consistent protection and this leads to peace of mind for the people handling the information. Research also states that enterprises that fail to prioritize the encryption technique could lag behind compared to the competitors.


Business organizations should always maintain high security of their data and incorporate all the latest encryption technologies into their operations for smooth processing and to stay ahead in the market competition.

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