How Does Renting Clothes Online Work?



Renting clothes is a new and improved way to shop in 2020. You may be asking how do you rent clothes online? Well first you need a subscription - you can’t just go online and rent one random piece of clothing. That being said, you need to find a subscription service that offers the best packages for you. The online subscription is set up with automatic monthly payments and you can cancel or pause your subscription at any time. Clothing rental subscription services are guaranteed to change the way you shop in the best way possible!

Choose a Package

Choosing which package works best for you depends on the reason you’re renting in the first place. The number of clothing items and accessories included in the packages vary and the price depends on how many you receive. The packages typically vary from one to five clothing items and accessories at a time. Once you decide on a package to purchase, you get to scroll through the site and browse your new, endless closet.

Your clothing options depend on which company you decide to go with since each company works with specific brands. Research is critical because it’ll tell you what designers they use. Imagine not doing your research and signing up for a service that doesn’t carry any of the brands you love. For example, my clothing rental subscription service carries all of my favorite designers and allows you to browse the site by occasion. 

Shopping is so much fun and simple now that I can shop by occasion and by style. If I have a specific event to go to, I simply go to that category and find the perfect options. Otherwise, you can always shop by bottoms, tops, dresses, et cetera. Online shopping has changed the game, but renting clothes online is the real show-stopper. 


After you’ve added your favorites to your cart – dresses, jackets, bags, tops, you get to wait for your gorgeous package to arrive at your door. My package usually comes in a couple of days and as soon as they arrive I hit the town running in my new pieces! I leave my house with brand new outfits every day and I always get so many compliments! My subscription service gave me an ever-revolving closet that keeps me looking and feeling my best. 


Once you are done enjoying your clothes, whether that’s three months or three days later, you can return your items and swap them for brand new ones. I simply place the items I rented in the return bag that came with my order and send it back to the business. Typically, that same day I returned my items I can already pick my new pieces for my next box. The absolute best part is that I no longer have to do laundry. All of my rentals come in perfect condition and that’s because they offer completely free dry-cleaning and laundry care.  


Now all that’s left is to repeat the same steps and have fun wearing your next items. Just login to your new account that you created for your monthly online subscription for your clothing rentals and select the items you want to wear next. 

The sooner you send in your clothes, the sooner you’ll get to wear your next clothing articles. The best part is that most companies make it really easy for you to send back the clothing articles with free shipping. The shipping has been included in most companies' memberships. 

This allows you to rent, wear, and repeat with ease.

Tell your friends about it. A lot of services offer rewards and points for free referrals. I’ve referred so many friends to my subscription service that I got enough credits to get a free month of the service. How fantastic is that!?

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