How Digital Tech is Changing the Restaurant Sector

commercial under bench dishwashers

The food and beverage industry has always been highly competitive and people will always have the need for sustenance, wherever they happen to be. Like most industries, the restaurant business is benefitting greatly from the current level of digital tech, which we will outline in this short article.

Electronic menus

Modern restaurants have already moved their menu to the cloud; when you are shown to your table, you are handed a touch-screen digital menu, which tells the kitchen staff what you have ordered and they can get work preparing the dishes, while the waitress prepares the drinks. Some forward-thinking eateries in the city have robots that take your order and also serve you, but it will be a few years before this becomes the norm. Everything can be managed from a central point where the manager is located and installing state-of-the-art software is essential, as this automates many processes.

Online reservations

If the eatery has online reservations, you can go to their website and book a table and even choose the menu if you wish. Of course, you can still book by phone or just turn up, but more and more people are using the online reservation feature, especially at busy restaurants. GPS tech means finding the restaurant is a breeze, simply include a Google map on all your digital pages and people can find your eatery. With the current level of digital tech, a diner can book their table with a few touches of the screen and this really helps the business, ensuring that customers get the table they want at the right time.

Sourcing commercial kitchen equipment

Whether commercial under bench dishwashers or deep fat fryers, you get the best deals online and free delivery is standard. Kitchen equipment needs to be maintained and that can also be sorted out online by contacting a commercial kitchen cleaning outfit.

Social media marketing

Most eateries take advantage of social media to promote their venue; hooking up with a leading digital marketing agency is a smart way to develop online marketing; handing over control of your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts is all you have to do and their team post rich content and engage with users in the comments section. A new restaurant should enlist the help of a digital marketing agency at the very outset; the agency can formulate an aggressive online marketing campaign that is tailored to suit the business. Every man and his dog have a Facebook account and with some professional marketing, you can quickly generate a large social media following, which should ensure that your tables are always occupied. Here are a few ways that AI is helping the restaurant business.


If you have a good barcode system, you will be notified when beef steak or French fries supplies are low, which helps manage kitchen stores. Of course, you would have daily deliveries of bread, drinks and possibly ice, if you don’t make your own; everything you need can be ordered online from suppliers, and you are notified when stock is low. If you are setting up a new restaurant business in Australia. Managing stock has never been this easy and a restaurant manager can now focus on customer service, rather than internal issues such as inventory.

We will continue to see ongoing development in the digital sector and automated eateries are on the horizon, making for a fast and convenient booking system and an enhanced dining experience. Whether you are a restaurant owner or a diner, digital tech provides a whole new experience that looks like it will be ongoing.

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