How to Choose a Fitness Tracker for Women

fitness tracker

With many brands hopping on the fitness-tracking bandwagon month after month, finding an activity tracker for women right off the bat isn’t as easy as it used to be. Today, Garmin and LETSCOM aren’t the only companies playing their cards in the industry. Lest we forget, brands like FitBit Inc. and LeapFrog aren’t blind to the competition. Every last one of them needs a tip of the iceberg (the market).

Surrounding fitness trackers advertised for women are hundreds, if not thousands, of opinions and reviews. It would take days to read these reviews, and – obviously – this is nothing more than information overload. So in this post, I am going to save you the frustration of searching for the best fitness tracker for women by letting you in on what’s important to look at before buying one.

Before you buy a fitness tracker, ask yourself the following questions.

1. What’s the Battery Life?  

Although battery life is an important factor to look at before buying a fitness tracker, it’s often not taken seriously. To be frank, though, it doesn’t make sense to waste your money on a device that will work for a few days and run out of battery before you know it.

Consider a fitness tracker that has a long battery life. Garmin activity trackers and Fitbit for women are some of the best options because they have a decent battery life. Many in the Fitbit family can last up to a week with a single charge, whereas a number of options in the Garmin series can last for 365 days on a single charge.


2. Is this fitness tracker waterproof?

You probably don’t have to worry about an activity tracker being pool-proof if you aren’t a swimmer. But if you love to hit the water, consider a waterproof fitness tracker.

Waterproof activity monitors should not be confused with water-resistant fitness trackers. The two terms aren’t used interchangeably to mean the same thing.

Water-resistant watches can stand water spill quite well, but they can’t endure the impact of the pool or survive a running shower quite well.

FitBit Alta and Garmin Vivofit are examples of waterproof watches that you can buy.  They are waterproof up to a depth of 50 meters, which is quite a huge measurement in my opinion.

3. Is the watch a calorie counter?

The scientific theory remains the same: you must never eat more calories than the body burns. But there is no easy way to know how many calories you burn to begin with. If we think about it, though, the calorie thing is important. And we cannot afford to ignore this assumption in whichever case.

But how do you know how many calories you burn, in the first place? Well, a fitness tracker can help you do that, but only if it has this feature enabled. Keep in mind that a fitness tracker won’t give you accurate statistics on the number of calories you burn. But the estimate is good enough if you ask me.

The estimate gives you a good idea of the foods to eat so you can consume the right amount of calories every single day.

4. Does the watch have time to move feature?

In my opinion, if a fitness tracker doesn’t have the reminder to move feature, it might not be the best option to invest in, really. People need to be reminded to move sometimes. And that’s exactly why this feature is important. Of course, you won’t need this feature quite often. But it is still too important to be ignored when choosing an activity tracker for women.

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