How To Avoid Stress For Yourself And Your Infants?

Mother and child

Having a baby is an unmatched pleasure. However, it comes with a heavy load of mental and physical challenges as well. Sleep deprivation, fatigue, hormonal changes and lifestyle changes are all part of becoming the new parent. All these added pressures can easily lead to anxiety especially if the baby falls ill, becomes colic or as much as has a fever. The newborns need and have all the possible attention of parents which can become cumbersome for parents.

The matters are worsened when new parents also start to feel guilty about feeling tired or wanting a break. In some cases a vicious cycle starts that leads to anxious parents leading to over protection and over intervention in the baby’s life leading to a distressed infant. If you are also a new parent and are somewhat trapped in this cycle, here is a guide for you to go through that and to also know that you aren’t the only one facing such issues and it is not your fault for wanting some free time.

The experts on the subject believe that the panicky and anxious state of parents creates even more distress for their children and they show discomfort. In turn, their anxiety leads to further worsen the parents’ conditions. Therefore the secret to breaking out of this cycle and to have happy and less-stressed children is to remain self-confident and calm yourself.

This is easier said than done of course. When the child is crying, it is inevitable for parents to get worried and try to remove the cause of crying for the child. However, the infant experts advise that instead of jumping up to conclusions and searching for the problem, parents should take time and also allow their children to fully express themselves. Sometimes the young children cry to get attention or they just want to be held by their parents while the parents freak out and instead of holding their baby close to their chests, they lift him up and down trying to adjust his bed or cart to remove the disturbing issues.

It is easier to quickly start feeling responsible for the child’s crying and to remove whatever is causing the child discomfort. But it will not only be better for the parents but also for children if the parents wait for their child to express. The child will also feel completely heard and will look up to the parents as a source of emotional comfort as well as physical comfort instead of just as problem solvers.

Grownups use their words for expressing their feelings. Children use their expressions and body gestures which are not as clear as words. Therefore it is all the more important for parents to realize their children’s expressions and that cannot be done by hasty reactions to solving problems. It can only be done if parents communicate with their children, take the time to respond and also give the children time to respond.

For instance, if your child keeps crying every time he sits in the car, the solution isn’t to search for ways so he does not have to sit in the car. Watch for the exact things that make him uncomfortable. Is it the bumps in the road, loud horns or sharp bright lights. Once you have found the problem, talk to your kid about it. If he is scared of the bumps, tell him a few seconds before the bump and make a swishing sound as if he is flying. If it is the lights, then sing songs about red, yellow, green lights and so on. The idea is to not panic, but instead calmly find the solution and happily solve it. It will keep you calm and your nanny happy as well.

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