Home Decor Update - What is Indian Modernism?

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The Term ‘Indian Modernism’ is getting a lot of attention recently. But many people don’t understand its meaning. So to provide you with in-depth information about it, we reached some top interior designers and understood its real sense.

So Indian Modernism is a designing style, where the straight-lined spaces and elements are combined with bright patterns and colors. It is commonly used to update the home décor and interior design.

When we talk about its origin, so it started getting attention in the 20th century, when Modernism was recently introduced in India. People started focusing on the minimalism and maximalist concepts and started looking for the same tough at their home. However, they want that design to be combined with the Palace-like vines. They were looking for the modern tough while giving respect to their culture. And that’s what gave birth to Indian Modernism Design.

Indian Modernism is a combination of smaller elements and patterns, elegant home decoration, and bright colors. This combination was new to our country at that time, but surprisingly, Indians were falling in love with it.

International Outlook on Indian Modernism Home Decoration:

Although Indian Modernism has the overall touch of Indian Culture, the world still loved it. It is because of its contemporary vibes and fusionist look. Here, the new and old materials were combined by the interior designers across the world. And not only this, homeowners were getting the freedom to blend their styles with the trending elements. To add the Indian look, they started attracted to hard-crafting Indian Artwork. This situation not only gave the interior design appealing vibes but also helps Indian handicraft work grab business.

How can you Enjoy Indian Modernism Design at your home?

If you want to enjoy this beautiful look at your home, then here are some tips for you:

Combine Modern Pieces with Handcrafted home décor: Trust us or not, but modern elements combine perfectly with handcrafted home décor. For example, the handcrafted table combines well with modern lightweight chairs. And adding a faux-animal head on the wall brings on the spark. The Indian Modern style is experimental on its own way. You can simply create some of the best spaces keeping all these points in mind. As you all know that home decoration speaks for itself a lot and for that reason, one must consider making ones home achieve the highest level of design theory which combines beautifully with each other. This is indeed a beautiful style for all of us in India as it's aesthetically authentic and precise at the same time.

Create layers with fabrics: While keeping everything modern, you can simply add different types of Indian Fabrics to enhance textures. The hand-woven fabrics and hand-spun fabrics are the perfect options here.

Indian flooring and Modern Furniture are the best partner: Choosing the flooring in the bright Indian tone and balancing out it with modern clean furniture, helps in creating magic. And a carpet with Indian touch enhances the overall feel.

Play with colors: Combining bright home decoration with the sophisticated wall and floor color works as a perfect Indian Modernism interior design idea. It helps in creating balance while maintaining playfulness.
If nothing, then only bring the traditional furniture: Traditional furniture is easily available in the market and helps in adding spark to the room. You can easily do it by adding a floor cushion, rocking chair, and a stool and covering it up with modern fabric.

Indian Modernism interior design is perfect for someone who wants the Modern home while staying connected to their roots. It is a proud moment that this style is getting so much love throughout the world.

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